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    Storthes Hall Park, Huddersfield

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I take a look for myself before I book?

      Of course! Just drop us an email at letting us know when you would like to look around and we will arrange for a tour guide to meet you on site and show you around. You can also take a virtual tour here by clicking on the cube icon.

    • How to find Storthes Hall Park

      Address: Storthes Hall Park, Storthes Hall Lane, Kirkburton, Huddersfield HD8 0WA

      Telephone: 01484 488816 (Reception)

      Travelling By Car – Storthes Hall Park is easily reachable from the M62 and M1 as well as other main routes and is only a 15 minutes journey from Huddersfield town centre.

      If you are a student living on site with us you will be able to use our dedicated bus service which operates between Storthes Hall Park and the University.

    • How do I book?

      Booking with us is super easy and is all done online – all you will need to do is click apply now and register with us.

      The first step is an application; we just need to know what room type you would like to book and some information about you.

      Once we have received your application a member of our team will find you the perfect room and send you a room offer. You will be emailed once this happens, and all you will need to do is to log on to the online portal to view your offer.

      You don’t need to pay anything to complete your booking with us; however, you will need to pay a £100 deposit and a £150 first instalment in August prior to moving in.

      You will be able to read the contract when you accept your room offer – make sure you read this carefully as this is a legally binding agreement between us and you.

      Once you have completed your section, it’s over to your guarantor. They will have a portal like you and will need to accept the contract and provide two forms of ID.

      Once we have received this we will email you to confirm that your room has been reserved – congratulations and we look forward to seeing you soon!

    • What happens if my First Choice University course is cancelled or delayed for September 2021/22?

      Please refer to our Covid Booking Pledge terms and conditions.

    • What happens if I cannot travel due to Government travel restrictions?

      Please refer to our Covid Booking Pledge terms and conditions.

    • I am not sure which room type is right for me, what should I do?

      You are able to view all of our room types online – you will also be able to go on a 360 tour of all of our room types to get a feel of exactly what they are like.

      If you would like to talk to someone about a particular room type and what is included, please feel free to give us a call on 01484 270 145 and we will be more than happy to give you more information.

    • How much will it cost to book?

      You don’t need to pay anything at the time of booking. However you will need to pay a £100 deposit and £150 first instalment in August prior to moving into your accommodation (please give us a call for the exact due date, or visit your portal if you already have a booking with us).

      The £100 deposit is fully refundable at the end of the tenancy subject to contractual obligations.

    • Can I live at Storthes after my first year?

      This is your home and we think that you should be able to leave when you are ready. If you love staying with us then we’d encourage you and your friends to stay with us throughout your time at university.

      We have lots of happy residents who choose to rebook with us each year. When you rebook with us you’ll be rewarded with the best price of the year, early VIP access to rooms, and lots of other perks.

      If you’d like to stay with us again, just ask us once you’re moved in and we’d be more than happy to help.

    • When can I book my accommodation – I haven’t got my grades yet?

      We know that getting everything organised for university can be very stressful and we therefore advise that you book accommodation as soon as you have confirmed your first and insurance choice through UCAS.

      If you have a conditional offer we know that it is really daunting to book your accommodation before you’ve received your final grades. However, DIGS have a No Place No Pay policy so that you can safely book with us before you receive your grades.

      This policy means that if the University is your first or insurance choice on UCAS, you can book with us as soon as you are ready. If you do not receive the required grades to  obtain a place in your UCAS first choice institution, or if you applied with us to the University of your insurance choice and been accepted to your first choice, we will release and refund any payments received to that point. We will require a screenshot of your UCAS tracker as proof.

      More information on this can be found in your contract which you will be able to read when you make your booking.

      The No Place No Pay policy does not cover you if you change your mind – see the cancellation section for more information on this.

    • Who will I be living with – can I live with friends?

      During your application you will be able to select whether you would like to be in a mixed gender flat or a single gender flat, as well as any other preference.

      Wherever possible we will try to allocate you in a flat with at least one other student doing a similar university course to you so you have something in common!

      If you would like to live with friends that is absolutely fine, just pop their full names in the notes section of your application.

      Please note that we will do our best to take into account all your preferences however this is subject to availability in that particular room type, we will let you know at the stage of sending you a room offer if we are not able to fulfil a particular requirement.

      If you’re training to be a student nurse you can request to be in a flat which we will endeavour to allocate to only health care students, just pop on your application that you would like to be allocated in one of these flats!

      You will be able to get to know your flat mates before moving in to the accommodation by joining our private Facebook page, we will send you a link once this is up and running (usually April/May) and you have a completed booking with us, and you will be able to find your new flat mates!

    • What is a guarantor? What happens if I don’t have one?

      A guarantor is a person over the age of 21 (such as a parent or guardian) who is happy to be financially responsible for you if you are not able to make a payment. They must live in the UK.

      We do not do any credit checks on a guarantor, we just need them to be able to provide two forms of ID and be able to provide an email address.

      If you do not have anyone who would be able to be a guarantor for you, we work with a company who is able to act as guarantor for you for a fee. You can find more information about this here.

      If you would like more information on what being a guarantor entails feel free to call us on 01484 270 145

    • When are my rent payments? Do they come directly from my government loan?

      All UK and EU tenants are required to pay a £150 first instalment of their rent in August.  Specific dates will be available for you to access on your portal.

      This payment is deducted from your total annual rent and the outstanding amount will be split into 3 equal payments:-

      October 2021

      January 2022

      April/May 2022

      The amount of these instalments varies depending on your room type – if you would like to ask how much your instalments will be before you make your booking just get in touch. If you already have a completed booking with us this can be viewed on your portal.

      These dates have been based on when most students will have received their student loans. We do not take the payment directly from your loan, normally your loan will be paid into your account a couple of days before your rent is due, and you are then able to pay this out either by paying with card via your portal or by direct debit.

      You are able to select your payment method when you make your booking, you are able to either select to manually log on to the portal and pay by card on the due date or you can set up a direct debit with us which means the payment will go automatically.

      All overseas (non EU) and semester students are required to pay their tenancy fees in full before they move into the property. We will not take this automatically from your account so you will need to pay manually.

    • What is included in my rent payments?

      You have no hidden costs when you book with DIGS, your rental payment includes your heating, water, 100mb broadband and WiFi, contents insurance, gym membership and events on site. New for 2021/22 you will also receive a free annual bus pass. ,

      If you are using the on-site laundrette then you will need to pay £2.90 for a dry and £1.40 for a wash*.

      You will also need to pay for a TV licence if you require one.

      *Prices subject to year of booking, call us on 01484 270 145 for the latest prices

    • How will I travel to Uni each day?

      You will have seen from our website or if you have taken a tour of site with us that we have lots going on at site and lots of facilities available for you to use whilst you are staying with us. To allow us to have all this space and the community feel that is so loved by our residents, we are a short bus ride from the university.

      The journey takes around 15 minutes and you will receive a free annual bus pass to use on this dedicated bus service. This pass will allow you free travel between 07.30 am and 9.00pm after which there is a subsidised cost of £1.50 one way or £2.50 return*.

      If you would like to bring your car with you when you stay with us, this is absolutely fine, just pop your registration number down on your application. We will ask for a £100* payment for this permit prior to moving in.

      If you would like a permit but did not put it on your application, no problem, just pop us an email to

      *Prices subject to year of booking, call us on 01484 270 145 for the latest prices

    • I have not moved in yet but I would like to change my room?

      If you would like to change what room you will be living at on site, that is absolutely fine if we have the availability, we want you to be happy with your allocation so that you will be excited to move in in September!

      If you have not yet accepted your room offer and would like to change, please give us a call on 01484 270 145 or email us at before you accept and we will be able to have a quick chat with you and swap your offer to an alternative room!

      If you have accepted your room offer and completed your booking and have just realised you would actually like to live with friends in another flat, we can still arrange this for you. Just drop us an email to , as part of this process we will need to withdraw your current room offer and you and your guarantor will need to reaccept the new room offer – you will not need to pay anything additional for this at this stage.

    • Can I cancel my accommodation contract? I haven’t moved in yet but I have changed my mind.

      If you would like to cancel your accommodation due to not achieving your grades please email us at with your UCAS tracker. More information on our No Place No Pay Policy can be found in the section above (When can I book accommodation – I haven’t got my grades yet?) We will also need a screenshot of this if we were your UCAS insurance choice and you have attained a place at your first choice institution.

      If you are looking to cancel the accommodation because you have changed your mind about where you want to live or your university choice you will be subject to our cancellation policy. Full information on our cancellation policy can be found in your licence agreement.

      If you decide to cancel within 7 days of your booking being confirmed (you will receive an email at the time of confirmation) you will need to email us at within this time period and we will be able to release you from your contractual obligations. If you have already paid a deposit this will be due back to you at this stage. This does not apply if you have moved in to the accommodation.

      If you decide to cancel after the 7 day cooling off period but prior to the final cancellation date 90 days prior to the contract start date we will need you to email us that you would like to do this. We will then be able to release you from your contractual obligations upon receipt of a cancellation fee.

      If you decide to cancel after the 7 day cooling off period but after the final cancellation date you are not able to cancel your accommodation agreement at this stage. As per the contract at this stage we are not able to release you from your contractual obligations and you will need to find a replacement to take over your room. Please let us know if you would like to cancel after final cancellation date so that we know why you wish to cancel and we can advise you on how to advertise your room.

      The final cancellation date can be found in your tenancy agreement which you can access via your online portal on your dashboard on the view tab.

    • I have not made the grades to attend Huddersfield University – what do I do?

      We are really sorry to hear that you did not attain a place at Huddersfield – try not to worry! All we need for your accommodation is a screenshot of your UCAS tracker as proof – please send this to  and we will sort the rest. We will be in touch if you are due a refund if you have already made a deposit or rent payment.

    • What do I need to bring with me when I move in?

      We’ve made a list of things we would advise to bring with you (coming soon)!

      Make sure that you leave your arrival pass and ID out of your suitcase in an easily accessible place as you will need this to check in.

      Remember to check the size of your bedding before buying; all room types apart from double rooms will need single bedding, double rooms may have double or king size beds so we advise that you purchase king size bedding.

      The rooms do not come with a TV so should you wish you can bring your own you are more than welcome to do this,  please remember you cannot hang your TV on the wall as this may cause damage.

      For items such as a toaster, iron & ironing board (if you intend to use these) it may be better to wait until you have found your flatmates either on our private Facebook group for students living on site with us or meet them on arrival to purchase these types of items – it makes more sense than having 6 toasters in your kitchen!

    • Can I bring a pet?

      Unfortunately we do not allow any pets on site – if everyone brought their animals we would have a zoo! If you are an animal lover though, keep your eyes peeled on the events calendar as we often have dogs from the Guide Dogs Trust at The Venue for you to come and see, and we often have a mini farm in the spring so that you can have your fix of fluffy creatures!

    • How can I personalise my room?

      We want it to feel as homely as possible whilst you are staying with us!

      We’d suggest bringing some nice bedding with you, your bed will be a focal point of the room and some nice bedding (and maybe a cushion or two) can make a big difference. You will have at least one notice board in the room so you will be able to put up posters and family photos – just make sure you do not cause any damage!

      Fairy lights can transform your room and are cheap so we can definitely recommend lights if these are your thing!

      A nice rug, some small plants and a room freshener like a diffuser can also make the room feel nice and comfy!

      You can even bring your own curtains if you would like! Just ask us for the window measurements if you would like to do this, and make sure to put the existing curtains back when you move out!

      For the last couple of years we have taken our residents on a trip to IKEA just after moving in so that they can pick up lots of items to make their room cosy – so make sure you keep an eye on your events calendar for this date!

    • What is provided?

      Your bedroom will have a bed (mattress provided) with under bed storage, a desk with drawer storage space and desk chair, wardrobe, shelving, and an en-suite containing a shower, toilet and sink.

      Each kitchen type varies with what is provided so please check with us.

      You can find out which room type you have booked by logging on to your booking portal.


    • What Internet is included in my rent?

      We know how important an internet connection is to everyone and here at DIGS we’ll help you to stay connected.

      A wired broadband internet connection point (remember to bring an ethernet cable) and up to 100mb WiFi is standard in every room and is included in your weekly rent.

      Each user account includes as standard the ASK4 100mb/s package which is shared between all your personal devices being used at any one given time. WiFi connection speeds of up to 100mb/s are available but the speed achieved depends on your device and may be affected by how many other tenants are using WiFi at the same time.

      Upgrade packages are available through our provider ASK4, should you wish.

      Setting up your internet account with our internet provider ASK4 is super easy, you can connect up to 5 devices to the Wifi. Instructions on how to connect are provided in your room and around site on arrival so you can start snapchatting your new room straight away!

      If you experience any issues with your internet service, please ensure you contact the support team at ASK4.

      The support team are available at any time, and will aim to assist you with any issues you may have.

      There are various ways to contact them:-

      0114 303 3232

      07797 800545 (request call back via text)

      Download their free app for help with connecting to their service, troubleshooting guides and information on their products and services.

      We recommend getting the app if you have any questions about the ASK4 service. It’s available for free on iPhone and Android™ phones and can be downloaded by searching for “ASK4” on the App Store or Google Play™.

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