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    Find all you need to know about DIGS Student Accommodation


    • What safety measures are in place?

      Each of our accommodations have safety measures in place to keep students and staff safe. These include:

      • Deep cleaning of student flats and blocks prior to arrival.
      • Social distancing and good hygiene signage throughout the accommodation.
      • Movement flows including one-way systems.
      • Access to PPE for staff where it is needed. Students and staff are encouraged to wear a face covering in all public settings.
    • I am travelling from a country on the Amber List/Red List, what support is available?

      If you are travelling from a country on the Amber List or Red List, then we may be able to support you.

      Our Free Early Arrival policy allows students travelling from a country on the Amber List to complete their 10-day quarantine period with us at no extra cost. You can keep up to date with the official travel list here. You must let us know at least 21 days before your official tenancy start date. Read the full terms and conditions here.

      If you live in a country on the Red List, then you could be protected under our Covid Booking Pledge. You can safely book with us if:

      • Your university course start date is delayed.
      • Your university course is cancelled.
      • Travel restrictions prevent you from travelling to the UK.

      All international students will receive a free bedding pack on arrival. Please refer to ‘what support is available if I need to self-isolate’ to see how we can support you further.

    • What happens if I can't get my visa?

      If you can’t obtain a visa, then you will be released from your contract under our Covid Booking Pledge. To be eligible you must send the details and proof to a member of our team at Read our full terms and conditions here.

    • Will I need to socially distance from people in my flat?

      Each flat will form a household, so you do not need to self-isolate from your flatmates.

    • Will I be required to wear a face covering?

      You will be required to wear a face covering in all public settings, essentially any space outside of your flat. You do not need to wear a face covering whilst using outdoor spaces but please adhere to social distancing rules.

    • What support is available if I need to self-isolate?

      If you receive a positive test result, receive a text from Test & Trace or are experiencing symptoms, then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can provide you with the necessary support. We can help with:

      • Getting your food deliveries to your room.
      • Delivery of parcels.
      • Laundry support.
      • Bin refuse disposal – please double bag it.

      If you feel anxious, then please let us know so that we can signpost you to the correct services.

    • If someone in my flat is self-isolating, how do we share a communal kitchen?

      During the isolation period, please ensure that social distancing is in place and that the communal kitchen is sanitised before and after use. We would also recommend setting up a group chat so that you can let your flatmates know when you are using the space.

    • Will maintenance issues still be fixed?

      Our teams will continue to fix any maintenance issues across our accommodations. However, only urgent repairs will be carried out in student bedrooms to protect our teams and other students.

    • What facilities and services will be available?

      Our facilities and services will be available in line with government guidance. Regardless of the restrictions in place, you will have access to a friendly on-site team, parcel service, laundry room, maintenance team, and experience programme.

      Our gyms and common rooms are currently all open with social distancing in place.

    • How will Covid-19 affect my experience?

      Please be assured that your experience will not be compromised when you live with DIGS. We host events all year-round that are in line with the government guidelines. Our ethos is to make it easy make friends and to make memories that will last a lifetime. Head over to our experience page to learn more.

    • Am I allowed visitors?

      Visitors are currently allowed but this is subject to change in line with government guidance. We would advise that you speak to your flatmates before making arrangements, to ensure that it is something that they are comfortable with.

    • I am not sure whether to book my accommodation for 2021/22, what do you suggest?

      We completely understand the hesitation to book student accommodation in the current climate. If you are confident which universities are your first and second choice, then you are in a good position to book accommodation with DIGS. If you don’t get the grades, your university course is cancelled, or you cannot travel to the UK due to travel restrictions, then you will be covered under either our No Place No Pay policy or Covid Booking Pledge.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I book?

      Booking with us is super easy and is all done online – all you need to do is click apply now and register with us.

      The first step is an application; we just need to know what room type you prefer and some information about you.

      Once we have received your application a member of our team will send you a room offer. You will receive this by email, and all you need to do is log on to the online portal to view your offer.

      You don’t need to pay anything to complete your booking with us; however you will need to pay a £100 deposit in August prior to moving in to the accommodation.

      You will be able to read the contract when you accept your room offer – make sure you read this carefully as it is a legally binding agreement between us and you.

      Once you have completed your section, it’s over to your guarantor. They will have a portal like you and will need to accept the contract and provide two forms of ID.

      Once we have received this we will email you to confirm that your room has been reserved – congratulations and we look forward to seeing you soon!

    • How much will it cost to book?

      You don’t need to pay anything at the time of booking. However, there is a £100 deposit in August prior to moving in to your accommodation (please give us a call for the exact due date, or visit your portal if you already have a booking with us).

      The £100 deposit is fully refundable at the end of the tenancy subject to contractual obligations.

    • When can I book accommodation - I haven't got my grades yet?

      We know that getting everything organised for university can be very stressful and we therefore advise that you book accommodation as soon as you have confirmed your first and insurance choice through UCAS.

      If you have a conditional offer we know that it is really daunting to book your accommodation before you’ve received your final grades. However, DIGS have a No Place No Pay policy so that you can safely book with us before you receive your grades.

      This policy means that if the University is your first or insurance choice on UCAS, you can book with us as soon as you are ready. If you do not receive the required grades to  obtain a place in your UCAS first choice institution, or if you applied with us to the University of your insurance choice and been accepted to your first choice, we will release and refund any payments received to that point. We will require a screenshot of your UCAS tracker as proof.

      More information on this can be found in your contract which you will be able to read when you make your booking.

      The No Place No Pay policy does not cover you if you change your mind – see the cancellation section for more information on this.

    • Who will I be living with - can I live with my friends?

      During your application you will be able to select whether you would like to be in a mixed gender flat or a single gender flat, as well as any other preferences.

      We try wherever possible to allocate you in a flat with at least one other student doing a similar university course to you so you have something in common!

      If you would like to live with friends that is absolutely fine, just pop their names in the notes section of your application.

      Please note that we will do our best to take into account all your preferences however this is subject to availability in that particular room type, we will let you know at the stage of sending you a room offer if we are not able to fulfil a particular requirement.

      You will be able to get to know your flat mates before moving in to the accommodation by joining our private Facebook page, we will send you a link once this is up and running (usually April/May) and you have a completed booking with us, and you will be able to find your new flat mates!

    • What is a guarantor? What happens if I don’t have one?

      A guarantor is a person over the age of 21 (such as a parent or guardian) who is happy to be financially responsible for you if you are not able to make a payment. They must live in the UK.

      We do not do any credit checks on a guarantor, we just need them to be able to provide two forms of ID and be able to provide an email address.

      If you do not have anyone who would be able to be a guarantor for you, we work with a company who can act as a guarantor for you for a fee. You can find more information about this here.

      If you would like more information on what being a guarantor entails feel free to call us on 01484 270 145

    • Can I stay after my first year?

      This is your home and we think that you should be able to leave when you are ready. We hope that you will love your time with us and we’d encourage you and your friends to stay with us throughout your time at university.

      This year we have had over 300 students who have chose to rebook again. When you rebook with us you’ll be rewarded with the best price of the year, early access to room and lots of other perks.

      If you’d like to stay with us again, just ask us once you’re moved in and we will be more than happy to help.

    • What happens if my First Choice University course is cancelled or delayed for 2020/21?

      Please refer to our Covid Booking Pledge terms and conditions for more information.

    • What happens if I cannot travel to the UK due to Government travel restrictions?

      Please refer to our Covid Booking Pledge terms and conditions for more information.

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