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5 ways to look after your wellbeing

We know that this period of uncertainty is tough for everyone. We’re going through a series of major life changes and it’s left many of us feeling confused and anxious. During this period it’s essential that you look after your mental health as well as your physical health. Most importantly, accept that it’s ok to […]


5 ways to keep busy at home

Most of us will be spending more time at home than we usually would. Our lifestyles have temporarily changed and how do we adapt? First of all, it’s important to say that you’re allowed to be both productive and unproductive in equal measures. Some days all you’ll want to do is the bare minimum whilst […]


5 ways to show your support during COVID-19

  1. First and foremost, follow the advice from NHS and Public Health England on how to keep yourself and others safe. 2. Show your support to small and local businesses by purchasing from them wherever you can. If you pop on their website you can usually buy vouchers online to use at a later […]


Top 5 Netflix Picks from DIGS

We all know the struggle of finding something to watch on Netflix, scrolling for hours before finally settling for something you’ve already seen hundreds of times. To help you out we’ve pulled together our top 5 picks: The Stranger If you haven’t watched this one before then where have you been?! The show is a […]


5 Ideas to Overcome the Winter Blues

January can feel like an uphill battle when it’s cold and the sun sets at 4.30pm but it’s important that you try to stay positive. Low mood and motivation is extremely common in the Winter months, and can also be a symptom of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). We’re sharing 5 ideas to help overcome the […]


Surviving January Blues

January is notoriously the hardest month of the year, going back to Uni or work after time off at home is always difficult and the extended periods with no money leave everyone strapped for cash. To make the month a little easier, here are some ideas of things you could do to make it through […]


The Top 5 John Lewis Christmas Adverts

Christmas is officially on its way! Why? Because John Lewis officially rolled out their 2019 Christmas advert of course. Their latest effort is entitled Excitable Edgar and has set social media alight, just as their previous Christmas adverts did. At DIGS we’ve ranked the top five John Lewis ads from previous years. What do you […]


Killing Loneliness

Don’t be lonely alone! Recognition. Most of us feel lonely at some point in our lives, you’re not alone! Try to find out what is making you feel lonely so that you can start taking the right steps to feeling better again. Is it because you’re stuck in the house? Are you missing a friend […]



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