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The Top 5 John Lewis Christmas Adverts

Christmas is officially on its way! Why? Because John Lewis officially rolled out their 2019 Christmas advert of course. Their latest effort is entitled Excitable Edgar and has set social media alight, just as their previous Christmas adverts did. At DIGS we’ve ranked the top five John Lewis ads from previous years. What do you […]


Killing Loneliness

Don’t be lonely alone! Recognition. Most of us feel lonely at some point in our lives, you’re not alone! Try to find out what is making you feel lonely so that you can start taking the right steps to feeling better again. Is it because you’re stuck in the house? Are you missing a friend […]


Chocolate & Almond Recipes

Chocolate and Almond Recipes.   Vanilla & Almond Hot Chocolate Ingredients 1 teaspoon of sugar 3 teaspoon heaps of Cadburys Hot Chocolate powder Half a teaspoon  of vanilla extract ½ teaspoon of almond extract Half cup of milk Half cup of water Miniature marshmallows (for garnish) Method In a saucepan add the sugar, chocolate powder, […]


Fighting Plastic Pollution

The Earth is in your hands! Re-use! The plastic we use daily can be swapped for alternatives (single-use plastic) or reused. Take shopping bags for example, instead of using plastic bags you can use canvas bags, you can buy reusable bags or you can even make your own with an old t-shirt. If you’re a […]


Parma Violet Sponge Cake

Parma Violet Sponge Cake.   Let‘s take a trip to the past and light up our nostalgia with a delicious recipe to make a Parma violet sponge cake! Ingredients 110g butter/margarine 110g caster sugar 2 large eggs 94g self-rising flour 16g Parma violet Icing sugar to dust Filling of your choice ½ teaspoon of vanilla […]


Why I Chose To Live At Storthes Hall Park

Mathew Ball I chose to live at Storthes Hall Park for a variety of reasons, having made fantastic memories with my flat family who I lived with at Storthes Hall last year, I definitely wanted to stay again. I chose to stay at Storthes because of the community here. The staff who work at Storthes […]


5 Reasons To Live With DIGS

5 reason to live with DIGS Whilst for so many A levels students it is a stressful time with revising and exams, it is all leading to a really exciting time- coming to University! But picking where to live can be so difficult so here are our top 5 reasons for living with DIGS! We […]


Damages of Social Media

Our reliance on social media could be harming our mental health by increasingly changing our perception on the world and ourselves. We’re the generation who are relentlessly scrolling and although we’re educating and connecting, we’re also comparing and injecting fear into ourselves through trends like ‘cancel culture’. Platforms like Instagram are filled with seemingly perfect […]



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