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Booking your stay at DIGS is an easy and safe process. With our great choice of room types in 3 locations, we hope you find the room that’s perfect for you. Before you can book with DIGS Accommodation you need to ensure you can answer ‘yes’ to all of the following:

Are you going to be a full time student?

Do you have a guarantor? What’s this?

Have you chosen your location?

Have you picked your room type?

Payment Information


What are my Payment Options?

Payments will need to be made through bank transfer, please log onto your booking portal and select ‘payment info’, here you will find all the relevant bank details. It is vital that you put your full name and DIGS Student ID in the reference section so that we know you’ve made the payment. If you have any issues making a bank transfer then please call our team on 01484 270145 and they will be able to direct you further.

How many instalment will I have?

Typically at DIGS you will have 3 rent instalments, which are usually in October, January and April and usually coincide with Student Finance. There is also a smaller August pre-rent payment of £150.

International student?

If you are an international student then you will need to pay the full rental amount 30 days prior to moving in. However, if you have a UK guarantor you can also pay in instalments.

Book as a group of
3 or more


Choose your room

Search by location or property name to find your perfect student accommodation. Filter your results by price, tenancy or facilities to make sure the room is right for you, then simply click ‘book’.


Apply online

You will be then taken to our online booking portal where you
can apply at any time. Easily register your details and apply for a room.


Receive confirmation

Once we have received your application, a room will be allocated, and you will be sent a room offer. By accepting the room offer you will be entering into a legally binding contract.

Booking through University?

If you have requested to stay with us through your University then you can relax

If you’re booking a place through Sheffield Hallam University and they’ve confirmed your offer they will send your details onto our Hub Team who will be in touch to complete your booking.


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