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Why Not To Drop Out Of University


drop out

The question, should I drop out of university has passed through your mind. It happens to a lot of people during their uni career, the idea to drop out and stop all the worries does sound appealing.

Whilst for many people University is a great experience, not everyone feels the same and sometimes it can feel like your only option is to leaving to try something else, here are a few things to consider

Reasons not to drop out of university

  • Firstly think about what it is that is troubling you, is it the course? Are you homesick? Trying to pinpoint what is wrong will help you with dealing with it.


  • Speak to people who can help: chat to your personal tutor or someone within your department, they can tell you how you are getting on with the work and maybe suggest other courses that may be better suited to you. Most Universities also have a really great wellbeing team that can assist you with any personal issues, as well as having access to online services such as Big White Wall if thinking about this is getting you down.


  • Make sure you consider everything around dropping out, your course isn’t the only thing you need to think about, speak to student finance often they will need money back if you are leaving University, make sure you understand what they need from you and whether you can afford to do so.


  • What happens with your Accommodation? Check the terms of your contract to see what the cancellation policy is and whether you would be required to continue making the payments after you have left the University.

And the finer details…

  • Are the people you are living with affecting you? Go and speak to your Accommodation provider here at DIGS we can help you move rooms or help with any issues in your flat, your Accommodation provider wants you to be happy so let us help you!


  • Can you stick it out to finish the year? Sometimes expectations aren’t like the reality, however do you think it may get better with time or approaching it differently?


  • Tell people how you feel: Don’t push away friends and family, talk to people about what’s going on and remember it is nothing to be ashamed of if you have tried your hardest and it still isn’t for you.


  • Don’t be hasty! Ask yourself lots of questions! Would leaving the University solve what is going on? Are you taking all the opportunities you can? Are you having new experiences with societies and events? Try and throw yourself in to University life and see whether this affects how you are feeling.


  • Do what is best for you. Don’t feel pressured either way by friends and family- do whatever feels right for you.

We hope you don’t have to make a big decision like this but if you do get as much support as you can when deciding how to move forward. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!


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