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Dealing With Exam Stress



Tips for avoiding exam stress

We are getting to a very busy time of year for lot of students, whether you are preparing to study for your A levels and go to University or you’re at Uni and have deadlines and exams coming up, you have to make sure you are looking after yourself so you can perform your best.

Here our top tips for staying at the top of your game over your exam period and beating that stress

  • Stay well rested- Sleep is so important for your brains development as well as your mental health, so it is crucial you aren’t missing sleep to get study in.
  • Eat well and drink lots of water- it is so easy to snack while revising or doing work and that is absolutely fine! But, make sure that you are having at least one cooked meal a day to provide you with energy.
  • Take breaks- if you sit at your computer or stare at your revision notes for hours on end you will start to struggle with your work, taking regular breaks will stop you from burning out, a break can be anything, taking a 10 minute walk or watching 20 minutes of a show or even ringing a friend for a quick chat. Just try to do something that switches off your brain, so you can get back into your work afterwards.

Bust that stress and smash those exams

  • Make a study group- If you study with a group not only can you swap revision notes, but you can also offer each other crucial emotional support through a stressful time.
  • Make a revision or work plan- if you plan your time you will have a better idea of where to start with you work and not feel overwhelmed- decorate it so it is pretty to look at (but don’t procrastinate too long).
  • Try to stay off social media- everyone has been victim to scrolling social media for 5 minutes and it quickly turning into half an hour- it is the ultimate procrastination tool. If you can’t manage to stay off on your own there are really great apps to help! Hold is an app where UK students can win points and prizes for staying off social media while you work a nice little incentive! Find out more here:
  • Talk to someone- If you are struggling with completing your work or your mental health is suffering then make sure you talk to someone- do not suffer alone. Schools and Universities have great support systems for work and for wellbeing. There are also great online resources such as Big White Wall or the Mind website. Don’t keep it all inside.
  • Do your best- We know it doesn’t feel like it at the moment- bt things will get better, exams can be re-sat and you can have another go at deadlines put in the work and we are sure you’ll get great results.

Remember if you are living at a DIGs site we will always have someone on site who you can talk to, they can point you to the people who will best help you. Good luck with everything!

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