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Top 5 Netflix Picks for Bored Students Right Now



We all know the struggle of finding something to watch on Netflix, scrolling for hours before finally settling for something you’ve already seen hundreds of times. To help you out we’ve pulled together our top 5 picks:

The Stranger

If you haven’t watched this one before then where have you been?! The show is a Netflix original mystery thriller series based around a seemingly perfect family living in a harmless town, until a stranger comes along and reveals shocking secrets.


Safe is a Netflix Mystery drama series about a missing child. The father along with the police start an investigation but the dad soon takes matters into his own hands and uncovers dark secrets about his family and closest friends.


This show may have caught your attention after one of its leading actresses went on to marry Prince Harry, but Suits is an incredible drama about life at a high-power NYC law firm. It follows the journey of Mike Ross, who whilst on the run from the police, stumbles into a job as a Law Associate, working with one of the city’s best lawyers.


Another show that has been out a while but that’s still worth a mention. Season 2 is on its way so make sure you watch the first season before it airs on 24th April. Afterlife is a hard-hitting show about Ricky Gervais’s character Tony and his struggles with mental health after the death of his wife from cancer.

Black Mirror

I’ve saved the best until last, Black Mirror is a show that messes with the brain. Every episode is in a different time frame or reality and aims to look at the darker sides of technology and the human race. Each episode focuses on a different topic that at first glance looks extreme, but turns out to be not too far-fetched in this modern world.

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