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5 People You’ll Meet in Your Uni Kitchen


student cooking
uni kitchen

Ah the Uni Kitchen. Your kitchen will become a hub of activity during your university career- even if you’re not much of a foodie. And you will come across all different types of chef abilities and habits you’ll learn to love.

uni kitchen
Everything was calm until they found Jenny’s dishes still in the sink

The Food Connoisseur

Look out it’s Gordon Ramsey! They very rarely get a takeaway and can often be found looking at the spice rack in a supermarket.
They will never understand the convenience of microwavable rice or cheap noodles because they are wise with their money so never get desperate.
As annoying as you might find this person you can’t deny their food smells like a Michelin Star restaurant. They are always cooking up a storm- like Masterchef! When they decide to take control of making Sunday dinner the flat will be forever grateful.


The Uni Kitchen Ghost

The phantom cook is the person who cooks at the most unusual times. You might come home from a night out to find them making dinner at 3am.
And you will be shocked when you see them in a kitchen and often forget that they live in the flat.
Your flatmates will often check their cupboard and will be in disbelief that its always full, but you don’t understand when they cook.
The phantom cook can never be tied down if it was them who left their mess on the side because you can never be sure if they were even in the kitchen.


The Baker

The baker is a rare breed of student but once you find one you need to hold them close. The baker will have literally everything.  Whether that’s bowls, a whisk and cupcake holders- they’ve got it all. 
From cookies to birthday cakes they will always be up for baking and always let everyone join in. Even if your only contribution is licking the bowl they appreciate the support.
Their tasty creations make your kitchen smell glorious. They also tend to be the flat mum because these snacks provide comfort for any student missing home.


The Takeaway Queen/ King

This flatmate is the go to person if you want to share a takeaway. They will often be seen looking in their cupboard pretending to try and work out what they could cook from what’s in their cupboard. They almost fool themselves that they are going to cook something.
Secretly they are waiting for someone to walk into the kitchen and then they pounce and suggest let’s go and get a takeaway. They are a professional sales person and 45 minutes later you’ll be ten pounds out of pocket eating a pizza. They’re on afirst name basis with The Venue delivery driver. 
This person is an expert on all local takeaways and will have a regular order, they are also known to the delivery guy personally and will always have a chat with them.


The Tin Opener

So, at some point during your university career everyone will be the tin opener.
This is when your cooking career is defined by opening a single tin heating it up in the microwave and that will be your main meal for the day.
The panic for these meals is tin openers in student flats have a mind of their own and by the end of the year there will be one left that becomes a communal item.
Your options will include macaroni and cheese, soup, and baked beans. This bowl will often be accompanied by bread or the holy grail of bread – the garlic kind.
This meal may make your flatmates laugh but it will become a favourite of yours and you’ll have no shame cooking this up on a regular basis.


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