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Turn your back on technology – every now and then!


digital detox
social media

Technology is pretty much all-consuming, for all of us. We obsess over it, can’t stay away from it, and worst of all – most of us don’t even realise it (or accept it).

Students are notorious for spending half the day connected to technology. Assignments are electronically uploaded and submitted, maintenance issues are raised online. You couldn’t escape the age of technology even if you really wanted to.

We lay in bed on our phones, we reach for them first thing in the morning. The average person clicks on their phone 200 times a day, that’s once every 6.5 minutes on average. Wow! (Guilty). You probably get agitated when your partner is on their phone but when you are on yours you have your reasons right? These reasons and totally valid, justifiable and necessary to YOU.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Netflix. Emails. Tinder. Millions of people active, connected through technology. You may have ‘liked’ your mums new profile picture on Facebook but have you had a conservation with her today? You may have spoken to your brother on WhatsApp but when was the last time you had a face-to-face conversation?

Technology not only consumes our own lives but they can also negatively impact on our education, interests, hobbies and relationships. 73% of us admitted it would be difficult to go a single day without checking our phone or computer. It’s a terrifying thought. We all know that feeling of panic when you run out of mobile data halfway through the month and have to frantically search for the trusty WiFi symbol wherever you go.

Little ways to use technology less

– When you’re out with friends/family, put your phones in the middle of the table and leave them there until it’s time to leave.

– Have a selfie free week. How many selfies does it take to get the perfect selfie for Instagram? 53 apparently! I wondered why life was passing me by in a flash!

– Delete people off social media who you haven’t spoken to in over a year. If 12 months has gone by and you haven’t had a conversation, chances are that they’re not an integral part of your life. Social media stalking is far too common (and somewhat unhealthy).

-Start cooking, it requires a lot of focus so you won’t have time to use any technology, try some of our BBQ recipes.

– Spend 1 day a month where you don’t check your phone or laptop all day. This includes checking emails!

– Stay off your phone when you’re with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Spend quality time together!

– Find a new hobby that doesn’t involve your mobile phone. Go on bike rides, go to the gym, go swimming, learn an instrument. Do all the things you wanted to do but felt you never had time for.

– Put your phone on the other side of the room as soon as you get into bed. Not only will you get a better nights sleep, it will also prevent any late night scrolling and swiping.

Start your digital detox today!

For more information on taking a Digital Detox and for more statistics on technology taking over visit Digital Detox.

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