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Home Made Christmas Gifts


student budget

At Christmas there is a lot of pressure to go out and buy Christmas gifts, however if you’re a student then this can prove to be difficult, especially if you’re waiting for your student loan to come in. Are you creative? If so then putting your effort into a homemade gift can be just as special. Here are some ideas:


If you’re an illustrator, graphic designer or relatively good drawer then you can design posters for your friends and family of things that they love.

Baked goods

Everyone loves something sweet! Why not go crazy in the kitchen and whip up some sweet treats such as cookies, scones, cheesecake and more. All you need to do is buy a festive tin and your gift is ready to deliver! There’s a bunch of easy and cheap baking recipes out there so go nuts. 


There’s loads of cocktails that you can make for someone. All you need is something to contain the liquid. Instead of buying a full bottle of alcohol for someone you can make it more personal by gifting them their favourite cocktail, plus you’ll save money. Here’s a recipe on us:

  1. Pour 50ml of vodka into a cocktail shaker filled with ice
  2. Stir in 50ml of peach schnapps into the cocktail shaker
  3. Pour orange juice and cranberry juice 50/50 to gill up the cocktail shaker
  4. Place a glass over the shaker and shake it
  5. Filter the ice out when you pour into the bottle/glass
  6. Place a lime wedge to garnish
  7. Wrap your homemade sex on the beach cocktail and give it to that special someone


Recycle Clothes 

If you have any white jumpers or t-shirts then you can vamp them up and pass them on. All you need is some tie dye and a washing machine. You can create all sorts of colourful extravagant patterns. If you’ve got any black clothing then you can use bleach to draw into them. After you have tie dyed or bleach the clothing be sure to give it a wash before wrapping and gifting.

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