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The Pinnacles Sheffield Gets 100%


the pinnacles

The Pinnacles in Sheffield achieved 100% overall satisfaction in the SHU Insights Survey!

The Pinnacles team are proud to have achieved 100% overall satisfaction in the SHU Insights Survey for a consecutive year!

The survey runs from 1st October to 25th November and focuses on the arrival experience and the first few weeks. And our team achieved fantastic feedback across all areas (see below).


Question The Pinnacles Partner average
Satisfaction with arrival process 85.2% 84.1%
Satisfaction with bedroom 95.2% 93.5%
Happy with allocated accommodation 90.3% 86.5%
Satisfaction with landlord 90.8% 89.2%
Communal areas 78.1% 78.9%
Overall satisfaction 100% 89.2%


Here’s what some of our residents had to say

“I was so impressed on arrival. Felt really safe and very organised. Nowhere near as stressful as I feared 😊”

“My arrival was fine, I thought the times were flexible and them providing us with a trolley was super helpful”

“Our kitchen is brand new or looks that way. Decent size and considering there are 5 of us using it works well.”

“if there is a better property for 90quid in Sheffield I’d luv to see it. I’m back next year 100%”


You can be assured that when you book at The Pinnacles in Sheffield, you will have a smooth and easy move in experience. We want everyone to feel happy, relaxed, and happy with their choice of student accommodation. Learn more about Sheffield Hallam at their website here

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