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How DIGS Supports Well-being


student mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week has arrived at a time when we all need it. We have spent the last year on a rollercoaster of emotions, whether it’s lockdown, eating out to help out or Christmas being cancelled. We’re all dealt with a lot in the past 18 months and it’s inevitable that our mental heath has taken a bit of a beating. Well-being isn’t a simple thing, it involves a lot of different stops to improve it.

The Mental Health Foundation chose ‘Nature’ as their theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year. There are tonnes of benefits to spending time in nature, with scientists stating that it helps to lower your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and that Vitamin D is a natural mood booster. You can learn more about the organisations goings on here

But mental health is complex and there isn’t a one stop solution for ‘fixing’ your current state. At DIGS Student Accommodation, we try our best to offer well-being support and facilities to help you through your university years.


Wellbeing Support

We offer wellbeing support through various ways, including welfare phone calls or a chat with our accommodation teams. Our door is always open, and you are more than welcome to pop down to reception at any time to talk about problems you have.

At Storthes Hall Park we also have Block Reps who are 2nd or 3rd year students who are available to offer advice and recommendations.

We also work in tandem with our partner universities to provide you with the best possible support to make your university experience enjoyable.


Free on-site gyms

Each of our student accommodations have free on-site gyms to help you to stay fit and healthy. For many people, the gym is a great escape and stress relief. Exercise can improve your mental health as working out releases mood-boosting endorphins that can help to regulate your sleep schedule.

Some of our accommodations also offer regular fitness classes such as Bootcamp and Zumba.


Well-being events

Student experience is a massive part of DIGS, and each month we put on a number of events to help make your time with us as amazing as possible. We try to devote some of the events to wellness and improving the wellbeing of our students. This includes hosting creative classes such as pottery painting to help express yourself and to switch off from the daily worries, and petting zoos to boost your mood.


Outdoor space

Since the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Nature’, we thought it was only necessary to touch on the outdoor space that we have access to.

Storthes Hall Park is located on the doorstep of unbelievable natural surroundings, with regular occurrences from squirrels, ducks and birds. It is the perfect place to go for a walk and to take in the great outdoors. Spending time in nature for just 2hrs a week can help to improve your mood and reduce stress.

The Pinnacles, our Sheffield student accommodation, is a short drive or tram ride from the Peak District. Peak District is an amazing beauty spot offering miles and miles of beautiful landscapes- perfect atmosphere to improve your well-being. (Keep an eye out for our trips later this year)!

Living in Wolverhampton? West and East Park aren’t too far away- perfect spots for hanging out with friends on a warm, sunny day.


Our recommendation for Mental Health Awareness Week? Invite your loved ones for a walk and have an open chat about how you are both feeling.

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