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How To Make Little Moons (Easy Mochi Recipe)


ice cream
little moons


Little moons, the fantastic, satisfying treat you’ve seen all over your Tik Tok fyp page and your instagram page, are sold out literally everywhere. I know- I checked- but it is possible to recreate little moons at home, all it takes is a great recipe and a little creativity.

Don’t worry we’ve got baking genius Lisa from Begin with Dessert to take us through how she makes her version of these treats ,  so over to Lisa…


Making these mochi ice cream balls is probably just as easy as making a cake from a ready-made mix. It’s that easy. These mochi balls have a chewy and soft exterior that encases the deliciously creamy ice cream in the centre.

You may have wondered, what is mochi anyway? Well, mochi is a form of sticky rice cake that is made from Japanese glutinous rice. Mochi itself is neutral in flavour which makes it’s easy to enjoy with many dishes. It can be eaten on its own, in a savoury dish, or filled with a sweet filling. Classic desserts such as brownies and doughnuts can be made with glutinous rice flour to give it a unique, chewy texture. Mochi continues to appear in many dishes apart from Japan, and a lot of Western countries are now discovering one of the delicious desserts, mochi ice cream.

So, how do you make mochi little moons?

You will need to track down glutinous rice flour and potato starch – you can find this in Asian supermarkets. The potato starch is to help avoid stickiness. If you can’t find potato starch, you can use corn flour instead, but it’s important to use glutinous rice flour, and not regular rice flour.


Creating Little Moons

Before making the mochi, you first need to pre-scoop your ice cream balls to ensure they are completely frozen when wrapping them in the mochi. You can use mini cupcake liners or an empty egg carton (lined with cling-film) to hold the balls in the freezer.

In a microwavable bowl, mix the flour, sugar, and water using a whisk until it’s fully combined. Cover the bowl with cling film (plastic wrap) and microwave for 2 minutes. Using a wet spatula,
stir the mixture. Then re-cover and microwave again for a further 2 minutes. Stir the mixture.

While your mochi is cooling slightly, generously cover your work surface with the potato starch using a sieve to ensure there are no lumps. Transfer the mochi on top of the potato flour and then
sift some more potato starch to cover the mochi, this will help handle it without any stickiness.

Using a rolling pin, roll the mochi out so it’s about a quarter centimetre (0.25cm). Be careful not to burn your hands when touching the mochi as it can still be hot from the microwave. Use a cookie cutter to cut out rings – it’s always better to have bigger circles than smaller ones as you can always cut off the excess when wrapping the ice cream. Transfer these circles onto a plate, and layer them on top of each other with cling film in between and place in the fridge to cool for 15-20 minutes.

Working with one ice cream ball at a time, take one mochi circle with cling film underneath it, place the ice cream ball in the middle and quickly squish the mochi around it. Use the cling film as a guide to tying everything together – twist tightly at the seem to hold the ice cream inside.

Transfer the mochi ball into the freezer so it doesn’t melt, then follow the same process with the rest of the balls.


INGREDIENTS (What’s inside a little moon)

200g glutinous rice flour
100g caster sugar
250ml water
Potato starch
Ice cream


Ice Cream scoop
Mini cupcake liners or an empty egg tray
Rolling pin


The Home-Made Little Moons Method

  1. Pre-scoop ice cream balls and place in a cling-film lined egg tray or mini cupcake liner to retain the shape. Put back into two the freezer for at least an hour.
  2. Mix the glutinous flour and sugar into a microwave-safe bowl. Pour in the water to the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly to ensure there are no lumps. Cover with cling film and
    microwave for 2 minutes.
  3. Using a wet spatula, stir the mixture. Re-cover with the clingfilm and microwave for a further 2 minutes. Vigorously stir the mixture using the wet spatula until it’s translucent in
  4. Sift the potato starch on your work surface and transfer the mochi over the starch. Sift over some more starch on top of the mochi to avoid getting your hands sticky.
  5. Roll out the mochi to a thickness of about 0.25cm. Use a cookie cutter to cut out rings. Place the rings on top of each other with cling film between each layer and transfer to the
    fridge to cool for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Working with the ice cream balls one by one, place the ice cream ball into the middle of the mochi circle and quickly wrap it around using the cling film as a guide. Transfer to the
    freezer and continue with the same process until you’ve finished. Freeze for at one hour to ensure the ice cream has fully frozen.
  7. Before eating, remove the mochi ice cream balls from the freezer for about 3-5 minutes.



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