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Alcohol Free in Sheffield


alcohol free
nights out

As 21st June approaches, you can expect nightlife to become the next big thing. But if you’re not ready to go drinking and clubbing – that’s fine! 1 in 5 Freshers re non-drinkers, and the numbers are growing, which means that alcohol free nights are becoming more popular. Nightclubs and bars aside, there’s a bunch of exciting things to do in Sheffield if you want to go out at night.

We’re here to bring you some inspiration on things to do in Sheffield that don’t involve alcohol:

Village Screen

village screen sheffield
Want a cinema experience that’s a bit different from the norm? Village Screen is a pop-up cinema experience started by two savvy local Sheffield women. The concept is pop up classic or cult films in cool and exciting locations around the north.

Cryptology Rooms

You’ve probably done your fair share of escape rooms during lockdown, but it’s unlikely that you’ve experienced one quite like the cryptology room. These handcrafted puzzles are designed to test your brainpower and teamwork skills, aka the perfect event not to drink. There’s a room for everyone with themed rooms like Outer Space and Murder Mystery – plus, they offer student discount! It’s open until 10pm so it’s perfect for after lectures.

Twilight Spa Experience

If you want a night out to destress and take your mind off things, then we’d recommend investing in a twilight spa experience. There are some incredible spas around Sheffield, which offer a relaxing experience and leave you relaxed for the week ahead. They can be pricey, but no more expensive than what you’d spend on a night out…new outfit, drinks, taxi, and all. Check out the Titanic Spa, it’s not too far from Sheffield and it’s environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Laser Quest

laser quest
Yes, you probably went to laser quest as a kid, but laser quest has had a serious glow up over the years. LQ Sheffield is a high octane, sci fi action-adventure space where you and your mates can battle it out with laser guns. It’s an incredibly immersive experience, and it’s open until late. Try it with your flatmates to break the ice if you’re moving to Sheffield Hallam next year for a night out without alcohol.

Meltdown Sheffield

An entire bar dedicated to e-gaming? Meltdown is a perfect night out for if you want an alcohol-free night out in Sheffield but you have friends that drink. It’s set up so that you can play video games to your hearts content. There’s also league nights, and a great outdoor space – there’s something for everyone!

Paradise Golf

Sheffield alcohol free
Who doesn’t love mini-golf? Paradise Golf is basically next level mini golf and includes an island themed golf course (inside because, British weather), where you can hang out until 10pm, then head to the chippy on the way home.

Whatever your plans are for lockdown easing, make sure that you do what you are comfortable with and things you enjoy. Sheffield has a tonne of fun activities for you to try.

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