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Cute & Affordable Dates For Valentines Day

Cute and affordable dates for Valentine’s Day.

As students we understand that you might be strapped for cash but there any many ways to impress your significant other without having to splash the cash. It’s not always about fancy restaurants and expensive grand gestures, sometimes a person just wants to feel cherished and reminded that they are loved – whether it be a partner, a friend or a family member.

With that in mind, we’ve thought of some cute and cost-effective ways to make someone feel special:

  • Cook – It’s just as romantic to make a person their favourite meal at home (some might say it’s MORE romantic). Don’t forget the handpicked flowers for the centrepiece and some romantic tealights…Voila!


  • Movie Day – No need to step out into the cold for this one! Have a cosy day inside – set up a blanket fort and stock up on snacks and movies as you spend quality time together watching the shows that you both love the most


  • Scavenger Hunt – Instead of handing over a valentines gift to your loved one, make them work for it. Leave little clues and mysteries around your place that lead them to their present. Why not make the questions about you to see how much they really know you!


  • Project Work – Why not start your own scrap book? Print some of your favourite images, gather together any cinema or gig tickets that you have, and add some personal touches and quotes. This creative gift will remind you of all the fun you’ve had together and you could even plan for the future!


  • Explore – Go outside and discover somewhere new together, somewhere that you can always remember as a spot you visited together. If the weather is dry you could even have a picnic (just make sure you get wrapped up). If you’re extra organised then you could check if there are any local museums or famous landmarks to visit after!


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