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10 Social Distancing Date Night Ideas


date night ideas
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social distancing

As we try and curb the spread of the Coronavirus, life must go on. What most of us thought would just be a passing cloud seems to linger on much longer than we expected. Social distancing is now the norm. So, in response to this, we must find new socially-distant ways of doing the things that make life feel a little bit normal. Like dating, for example.

Dating is a vital part of life, and even though some aspects of it have been affected by COVID-19! But it does not mean that our love lives should slow down. In contrast, we now have more time to dedicate to the ones we love. If you had hoped to travel the world this year with your partner, or attend music concerts, late-night stand-up comedy outings, museum outings and so many other outdoor activities, you’ve probably had to postpone them or cancel them altogether. Does this mean that you can no longer have some fun in your dating life? Absolutely not!

5 social distancing date night ideas for couples who are living together

  • Workout together. Have you and your partner always dreamt of working out together, but your work schedules always seem to get in the way? This could be your moment! Check out live-streamed workout routine sessions! Or experiment with online dance lessons (Salsa or Tango are popular favourites). Fancy getting some fresh air? Consider spending your allocated hour of exercise trying new walking or running routes near you. You might be surprised what is on your own doorstep.
  • Cooking. All those recipes that have been piling up on your recipe book finally need to be tried out. Did we hear you say you don`t have the time or the skill? As long as you can get the ingredients, it is time to enjoy some quality time with your partner in the kitchen. Bring out the pan, baking tray, or that unused Wok and cook up a feast together.
  • Board games. Board games are a fun opportunity to know your partner even more, as you make conversation and pick each other`s brain. You can also take it a notch higher by adding crossword puzzles and poker to the list of games.
  • Binge watch TV series and movies- It`s time to convert your living room into a movie theatre and enjoy quality time with your partner watching series and movies. This is the best time to make good use of your subscription to online film streaming sites. You have all the time in the world to catch up on the on-going seasons of shows you used to watch. And discover new ones with your partner.
  • Art & Craft- This could be the best time to learn a new craft or sharpen long forgotten hobbies that you used to do when you were young. Enjoy indoor painting competitions with your partner, make gift cards for your friends or give your walls a fresh paint.

5 social distancing date night ideas for couples who live apart

If you haven’t got the luxury of living with a partner at this difficult time, there is still fun to be had:

  • Video calls. There are heaps of video calling apps to try out and enjoy with your partners and loved ones. All the major social media platforms have video calling functionality as well as mobile and web apps such as WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype and Zoom. So couples to stay in touch via HD video calls 24/7. It’s the next best thing to seeing each other in person!
  • Listen to online podcasts. You can both schedule to listen to a podcast from your favourite podcaster, then you can discuss your perspectives later. Some popular options include true crime, comedy, or politics.
  • Read similar books. There is no better way to connect with your partner at distance than reading the same book. It means that wherever they are in the world as you. Plus  you are both spending the night doing similar things. This is a perfect social distancing date night idea if you have limited phone or Wi-Fi signal, noise restrictions, or just want to catch up together later but still fell connected.
  • Cooking. Each of you can try out a new recipe in your own kitchen. And video call at the same time to turn up the heat, even make it a cooking competition! Even though you won`t be able to taste what your partner has prepared, it will still be fun watching the cooking process and describing the food to one another as you go.
  • Learn new skills. Even if you and your partner are not physically together, you can still schedule a date night where you will both learn something new, such as streaming a dancing tutorial, language tutorial, cooking tutorial or playing an instrument.

The most important thing to note during this trying time is that COVID-19 should bring people together, not drive them apart. Think physical distancing, social connectedness.

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