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6 Student Room Decoration Ideas from TV and Movies


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Are you already putting together your uni room Pinterest board? It’s a great time to start planning for September, but if you’re struggling for inspiration, why not look at these fictional uni and college rooms…

It feels like we’ve been at home bingeing everything on Netflix/Prime/Disney + for the past few months, so it’s only natural we draw a little bit of inspiration from these fantastic shows. Here are some of our favourites-

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect takes place at Barden College shows a typical American college dorm. It’s divided between her personality and her roommates. Beca’s creative style highlights her passions in her room décor by her DIY décor, including hand-drawn images and repurposing vinyl records as wall hangings. So don’t be afraid to get creative with found things around your room. It can be a great way of updating your university room without spending a lot of money.

Legally Blonde

When Elle Wood goes to Law School, most of her bedroom goes with her as she knows the importance of making your mark and making your room feel like home. She keeps everything in her signature colour, pink but keeps mixing it up with patterns for a youthful feel. Also, Elle Woods likes to a few choice decorations and makes the scary world of Harvard feel more like home. Take inspiration from Elle, who isn’t afraid to go against her school’s trends and follow her path.

Harry Potter

In the world of Hogwarts, everyone loves a colour scheme, Gryffindor it’s red and gold and Slytherin it’s green and silver etc. Everything is warm and very lived-in, making it the perfect place to retreat to after a hard day of potions and spells. When decorating your uni room, go for throws and blankets and rugs in the same colour scheme- think cosy (cauldron optional.) Make your uni accommodation your respite away from the dragons and death eaters at your door. Look to etsy for some subtle Harry Potter room decor.

Fate: The Winx Saga

Winx has a selection of great dorm rooms for you to draw inspiration from, but Terra and her certified plant-mum energy. Adding plants to your room can easily make your place look amazing, but more than that, they can boost health, circulation and even contribute to creativity. Perfect for those late-night study sesh in your uni room. Start simply with something like a spider plant. With its explosion of leaves, it looks great at the end of a bookcase. Just don’t forget to water them.


Zoey’s pretty much a style icon, so it makes sense that her room is pretty much legendary. She follows her own style and isn’t afraid to mix things up. Look for exciting art and unexpected patterns to make it your own. Remember with room decoration ideas it’s important you draw some ides but don’t out and out copy. Just make sure you have a couple of exciting lighting options for a change from the bog-standard fairy lights.


We only really see Abed’s dorm room in Community a few times. But when he’s there he’s proudly displays his passion for movies at every possible point. It might not be a typical place to gather room decoration ideas from but he’s got a few good ideas. Don’t be afraid to embrace your passions outside of your university course. Look for storage options that show off your interest, like clear boxes and stands where you can hang your knickknacks. Your room should be your sanctuary, so don’t be afraid to display all your passions if they make you happy.

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