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Staycations for You and Your Mates for Summer 2021


summer 2021

Are you dreaming of the summer 2021? Us too! After everything that’s gone on in the past twelve months, going away and just breaking free of the day to day can be just what you need.Staycations are more popular than ever, and for this summer, they look inevitable. There hasn’t been much call to do staycations (British weather and all), but we have the perfect reason this year. Also, did you know that the average British person has only been to twenty locations in the country? We still have the chance to do something memorable this summer.

Not only are staycations cheaper than the average holiday abroad, but they have a smaller carbon footprint. So do something unique with your mates and try one of these amazing places right on your front door.


Whitby is a phenomenal seaside town in North Yorkshire you need to visit. It is reminiscent of any coastal city in Europe but with the bonus of being surrounded by the lovely people of Yorkshire. It’s a great small town with lots of independent coffee shops and bars and restaurants, Whitby beach is an absolute dream, and the whole place makes for amazing Instagram pictures. If you like a bit of gothic charm, then you’ll love Whitby as it was the inspiration point for Bram Stoker in Dracula.

Little Comberton

Set just on the edge of the Cotswold Little Comberton is the proverbial hidden gem. A small, picturesque town where you see some of those green and pleasant lands that are part of that English lore. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to locations from tiny stone cottages to luxury log cabins and even treehouses. We don’t know how the weather in Summer 2021 is going to look so greenery looks good in any weather.


A beautiful town in Cornwall, Newquay is known as the surfing capital of the UK, so if you’ve always wanted to start surfing there’s no better excuse to try. There’s also more coral in this area than most of the UK’s coastline, so you might see some fantastic fish as well but don’t worry if you don’t come across any wildlife because you will be able to head on over to the Newquay zoo. You can learn more at Visit Cornwall.


Another seaside resort, although this one is a little below the radar. Heacham was once a big draw for well-to-do Victorian who wanted to get down to the coast. Now it’s got 5-star hotels for under £30, and Heacham is a short ride away from Britain’s most famous Lavender fields. A 100 acres of purple fields and a restaurant where you can sample lavender flavoured goods.


Are you more a city break sort of person? If London isn’t your bag and you want to try somewhere a bit different? Then look to the largest city in Somerset- Bath. Millions of people descend on Bath every year as it’s a bit of a tourism hotspot. Bath is a city absolutely famous for its arts and music scene and its historical links to Ancient Rome. In fact many ancient Roman Bath houses dotted around the city today. Spas and hot springs are plentiful around Bath, so if you want a relaxing weekend with some spa treatments and to catch a show, then this is the place to book your hotel.

These are just a couple of great places for you to explore during the summer of 2021. Wherever you go, be sure to let us know. We always love to see your adventures.

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