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5 ways to keep busy at home


staying at home

Most of us will be spending more time at home than we usually would. Our lifestyles have temporarily changed and how do we adapt? First of all, it’s important to say that you’re allowed to be both productive and unproductive in equal measures. Some days all you’ll want to do is the bare minimum whilst you try to get a grasp on real life, and other days you’ll be buzzing with ideas and hobbies that you want to bring to life. For those days…

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 ways to stay busy at home

1. Do a home workout. You can find amazing home workouts on Instagram from the likes of Grace Beverley, Alice Liveing and Joe Wicks. Staying active is essential for both your mental and physical health.

2. Find a new hobby. You can download Duolingo and learn a new language or maybe try your hand at baking. Now is the time to do all those things you usually wouldn’t have time to do.

3. Practise self-care. If there was ever time to invest some time into yourself, this is it. Take a long bath, download Headspace and meditate, read a book, binge watch your favourite show. Do anything that brings you comfort and familiarity.

4. Virtual hangouts. Facetime your grandparents, join in on an online quiz or start a watch party on Netflix. The options are endless!

5. Improve your cooking skills. Get creative in the kitchen and practise new recipes to share with your loved ones.

Remember, we’re in this together! We can’t control everything, but we can control how we respond.

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