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Hey – Pancakes are for everyday not just Pancake Day!

By DIGS Admin, 27/02/2017, 3:31pm, Ashenhurst, Chambers 51, City guide, DIGS Student, Guides / How-To, Pinnacles, Ravenscourt, Recipes, Storthes Hall, The Cube

Christmas and New Year are long gone now so unless your birthday was in January we can’t imagine you’ve had much to look forward to. Of course there was Valentine’s day but that’s overrated anyway right?

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Huddersfield Town FC Official Partner!

By DIGS Admin, 01/11/2016, 11:41am, Ashenhurst, DIGS Student, News, Storthes Hall

We are happy to announce an exciting new partnership between DIGS Storthes Hall Park and Huddersfield Town FC. to provide sporting opportunities to young adults.

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Saving money on being healthy

By DIGS Admin, 24/10/2016, 2:01pm, Ashenhurst, Chambers 51, DIGS Student, Guides / How-To, Pinnacles, Ravenscourt, Storthes Hall, The Cube

As you may have noticed from the multitude of fitness bloggers on social media, it’s now cool to be healthy. However, this means the industry is now capitalising on it, and Aviva research shows that despite 64% of millennials don’t save as much money as they’d like to, 15% couldn’t live without a gym membership and were spending crazy amounts on staying fit. Green juice, which is an essential in the #fitspo lifestyle typically costs around £3.99. With two a week, that adds up to a whopping £415 a year! So how can you stay fit on a tight student budget? We put together a guide to help you.

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National Express reveals London’s best kept secrets

By DIGS Admin, 06/10/2016, 2:38pm, City guide, DIGS Student, Guides / How-To, Ravenscourt

National Express have been flying the flag for London as a hotbed of culture and diversity throughout August, looking to lift the lid on little known locations that are firm favourites among locals. From a cinema where you’re encouraged to take a nap as you watch the newest releases, to the best places to wind down after a hard afternoon studying, each location is marked with its nearest Tube station and price point to make it easier to navigate your first days and nights out in the capital.

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What to pack for University

By DIGS Admin, 25/08/2016, 2:37pm, Ashenhurst, Beechwood, Chambers 51, DIGS Student, Guides / How-To, Pinnacles, Ravenscourt, Storthes Hall, The Cube, Weston Court

If you’re coming to University for the first time then you might be a little unsure about what to bring with you. Bringing everything you own really isn’t necessary and just makes moving out 10x more stressful. Here’s a little list we put together for you:

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