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What you should know about University

By DIGS Admin, 03/08/2016, 1:53pm, Ashenhurst, Beechwood, Chambers 51, DIGS Student, Pinnacles, Ravenscourt, Storthes Hall, The Cube, Weston Court

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Coming soon to Storthes Hall Park…

By DIGS Admin, 29/03/2016, 2:34pm, DIGS Student, News, Storthes Hall

We are pleased to bring you a new social space to hang out in at Storthes Hall Park, Huddersfield. The refurbishment will take place over spring, to be completed at the end of June 2016 and will include an exciting mix of new spaces.

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5 Reasons to Love DIGS

By DIGS Admin, 09/02/2016, 3:56pm, Ashenhurst, Beechwood, DIGS Student, Guides / How-To, Kelvingrove House, Pinnacles, Ravenscourt, Storthes Hall, The Cube, Weston Court

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More Top Tips for Study Success!

By DIGS Admin, 19/01/2016, 1:21pm, DIGS Student, Guides / How-To

It can be difficult to get into your stride when studying, but it’s important to stick to it. There are some easy tips and tricks to help you with your studies that will set you on your way to success.

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10 superfoods to give your brain a boost!

By DIGS Admin, 14/01/2016, 4:01pm, DIGS Student, Guides / How-To

These 5 superfoods will give your brain a boost during exam period. Combined with a good nights sleep, those references and clever points should come racing back to you instantly. Your food choices really do affect your brains functioning.

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