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The Top 5 John Lewis Christmas Adverts

By DIGS Admin, 13/11/2017, 10:59am, DIGS Student

Christmas is officially on its way! Why? Because John Lewis officially rolled out their 2017 Christmas advert of course. Their latest effort is entitled Moz the Monster and has set social media alight, just as their previous Christmas adverts did. At DIGS we’ve ranked the top five John Lewis ads from previous years. What do you think?

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Feeling the stress of University?

By DIGS Admin, 01/11/2017, 12:44pm, DIGS Student

Being a student at times can be extremely stressful… university isn’t all cheap drinks, societies and endless takeaways. Many students can easily fall victim to stress for one reason or another. Financial reasons and the pressures of study are the two most common drivers of stress in students. Recent findings have found that 45% of students rate the stress of managing their money as 7/10 or above and a further 64% of student’s rate the stress of their degree as 7/10 or above. If you’re one of the many students who are suffering from stress, here are some tips to help you beat it.

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The 7 things about Autumn we all love.

By DIGS Admin, 25/09/2017, 1:20pm, DIGS Student

The 7 best things about Autumn.

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5 Things you’ll forget to bring to uni.

By DIGS Admin, 23/08/2017, 10:19am, DIGS Student

Five things you’ll forget to bring to uni.

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Going through clearing – The step by step guide

By DIGS Admin, 07/08/2017, 2:22pm, DIGS Student


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