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Summer is here – Three great BBQ dishes

By DIGS Admin, 12/06/2017, 9:45am, DIGS Student, Recipes

Summer is finally here and after months of drab and depressing weather, it feels good. Considering how scarce warm weather and sunshine is here in the UK, you’d be crazy not to make the most of it and there’s no better way to do that than a Great British BBQ. So put down the books and grab the spatula because here are three terrific recipes that can ensure your BBQ is a hit.

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Healthy Food Swaps

By DIGS Admin, 08/06/2017, 12:04pm, Ashenhurst, Chambers 51, DIGS Student, Pinnacles, Storthes Hall, The Cube

Most of our DIGS students have probably finished university for the year. If you haven’t then don’t worry you’re nearly there! We’ve had a handful of glorious days in Spring, but Summer is next month and we are hoping that the best is yet to come! Basking in the gleaming sunshine usually means that we start thinking about how to look our best for Summer and DIGS wants to promote sustainable healthy living in our students and staff. Not just for how healthy living makes us look but instead for how it makes us feel.

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Turn your back on technology – every now and then!

By DIGS Admin, 30/05/2017, 11:59am, Ashenhurst, Chambers 51, DIGS Student, Guides / How-To, Pinnacles, Ravenscourt, Storthes Hall, The Cube

Technology is pretty much all-consuming, for all of us. We obsess over it, can’t stay away from it, and worst of all – most of us don’t even realise it (or accept it).

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DIGS Accommodation: Where will you live?

By DIGS Admin, 26/04/2017, 11:11am, Ashenhurst, Chambers 51, City guide, DIGS Student, Pinnacles, Ravenscourt, Storthes Hall, The Cube

Okay, so we are about to give you plenty of reasons why you should choose DIGS student accommodation.

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Pack for Uni with DIGS

By DIGS Admin, 13/04/2017, 3:07pm, Ashenhurst, Chambers 51, DIGS Student, Pinnacles, Ravenscourt, Storthes Hall, The Cube

It’s April and you have your heart set on moving into DIGS student accommodation. Which location have you picked? London, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Huddersfield or Bolton?

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