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Thinking about somewhere new in Huddersfield next year?

Are you thinking of making the leap in to private housing next year? Before you put pen to paper and sign a contract elsewhere have a quick think about the overall cost of your new home. Here’s a bit of an idea of what you and your pals could end up paying next year.


As expected rent will take away the biggest chunk of cash from your pot when living in a shared house. Rent for private houses is often advertised as weekly but it can be collected on a weekly, monthly, termly or quarterly basis depending on your contract.

At Storthes Hall Park there are only four rent collection dates which coincide with you receiving your student finance, making things less complicated.




Gas and Electricity – The average cost for a combined fuel bill last year was £125 for a house of 5 *

Water– The average cost for a water bill is £32 a month *

Internet – The very cheapest deals are around £15 a month and even then, you usually require a minimum 12-month contract

Insurance – You’ll be responsible for your own contents insurance for your valuables

Seem overwhelming? Well if you rebook at Storthes Hall Park then you won’t have to worry about any of these things. Choose DIGS as your student accommodation provider and then your gas, electric and water bills are included in the rent. On top of this we also provide contents insurance and wi-fi at no added cost throughout the year.

* Stats provided by Co-operative energy



Rebooking at Storthes Hall Park will mean you will get another year of unrivalled student experience. The daily events and activities offered on-site at Storthes cannot be replicated anywhere else in Huddersfield.

With a hectic sports programme featuring Zumba, Fitness Bootcamp and Yoga offered throughout the week which are all completely free for residents. Mixed with the fact that there’s a 24hr gym located on-site and a full sized astro which is open to students all year round, Storthes is definitely the place to be for you active students.

Another thing that you won’t be able to find elsewhere is The Venue, which is just a stones throw away for you guys currently living at Storthes Hall Park. With food and drinks served daily in an atmospheric bar and restaurant. Not to mention a gaming room, study room, a games room and cinema room for you all to use at no added cost.


events poster

If you haven’t already seen, then we have a number of student reps on hand to help you settle in and to ensure your time at Storthes Hall Park is as enjoyable as possible. For any welfare issues don’t forget to Chat with Pat – whether it’s exam stress, home problems or flat disputes – she’s always happy to help. This student led campus cannot be replicated anywhere in Huddersfield, so bear that in mind when deciding where to live next year….

If you’re enjoying Block vs Block there’s plenty more to come in our competitive events which are highlighted on your monthly events programme. Just turn up, support your team, get those points and work your way up the Block Vs Block leaderboard to claim that £7,000 prize! Once again a unique format which is only experienced at Storthes Hall Park.


As well as expenses and experience, you also need to take in to consideration these aspects when choosing accommodation

Maintenance – At Storthes Hall Park we have a dedicated maintenance team working daily to ensure that any concerns raised are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Some landlords can take days, even weeks to respond to issues

Security – At Storthes Hall Park we have a devoted a 24-hour security team ensuring that your safety and wellbeing is a priority. Not many private landlords can offer that.

Stay with DIGS for another hassle-free year

Enjoy our hassle free inclusive living and book again. You could even choose your flatmates if you’ve found a great set of people this year…



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