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Mother’s Day 2021 Gift Ideas for any Student Budget


mothers day
mothers day 2021
student budget

Hey – this is your friendly reminder that Mother’s Day 2021 is this Sunday. If your bank balance is looking empty and the panic has set in – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve put together a list of present ideas to give you some inspiration:

Ideas that are free

Walk and drink

Get out your thermos, fill it with your favourite hot drink, and head out for some hearty socially distanced walking. Pick an area that you know your mum will love, or a place that’s significant to you both, and just enjoy the time walking and talking. Sometimes quality time can be the best gift.

Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is another great quality time gift, and one that you can do remotely. Let your mum pick the movies and sit back and watch. This is a great option if you are unable to see your mum in person due to the government restrictions. Apps like Netflix Party are a great way to be in the moment together.


If you’re living at Storthes Hall Park in Huddersfield, you’re probably already sorted with your DIY Mother’s Day mug kit. If not, don’t worry as there are plenty of DIY ideas out there. We’d suggest printing out some you and your siblings best Instagram photos and using them to create a DIY picture frame – she’ll love it!

Ideas that are cheap and cheerful

If you’ve still got a bit of student loan left then we suggest that you order one of these lovely items.

Grow your own daffodils

Every mums favourite shop, Next, are offering cute daffodil bundles for less than £20 to brighten up your mums day.  They are a bit different from the standard bunch of flowers, and they come in a lovely sustainable pot.

Personalised gift basket

This student-budget friendly version is probably better than the expensive version! Gifts baskets look super fancy, but the personal items always go down well and are the best part. Find a nice box and cover it in wrapping paper, then get busy filling it with miniature versions of everything that she loves. Maybe her favourite chocolate bar, a travel bottle of her favourite gin, fuzzy socks, etc. The fact you’ve put it together yourself will make it all the more special.



If your mum loves a good puzzle or is looking for something to fill the time during lockdown, then a personalised photo jigsaw is the perfect gift. Get one of your mums’ favourite photos of you and your family, and send it in to be turned into a puzzle. It’s a unique present, and it’s cheap – just £8 for a small one.


A little bit boujie

If you are feeling a little fancy and you’ve got some money to splurge, then take a look at the items below:

Subscription box

There’s a subscription box for literally everything now, and it’s an extra treat because they offer something new every month. If your mum is a coffee lover, you could get her Coffeevine, a subscription box for three fresh coffee blends every month. If she likes to read, look at Books that Matter, a feminist book subscription that she can enjoy every month.

Fancy Kitchenware

If you’ve spent your Uni days missing your mums cooking, then show her how much of a great cook you think she is! La Creuset is pretty much the ultimate cookware brand and any home chef worth their salt with love a La Creuset Dutch Oven. Mauviel is also a very fancy brand of cookware, or if you’re struggling with designer names, go for copper.

Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are a revolutionary new sleep aid. It’s essentially exactly what it says on the tin, a blanket with weighted material inside. The weight helps to calm your heart rate and puts pressure on points of tension throughout your body. Perfect if your mum struggles with sleep or is looking for ways to reduce her stress levels.


So here’s to all the mums out there – what they do day in, day out is pretty extraordinary.

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