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Living in Huddersfield as an International Student


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Dear fellow students in pursuit of higher education in Huddersfield, I am Hasan Mahmud Khan, student of Master’s in International Business with Marketing at the University of Huddersfield from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am here to illustrate my journey to Huddersfield, U.K as an international student along with my experience with finding and living in student accommodation in Huddersfield.

Why I chose Huddersfield

I chose the University of Huddersfield as my first choice place of study for my Master’s programme as the teaching and course quality of the University of Huddersfield made want to be part of the learning experience here as an international student. In addition, the International Business School where I study offers global career opportunities enabling me to receive a good quality education that will enhance my future employment prospects.

Getting a scholarship from the University of Huddersfield to study my Master’s has opened so many doors for me, financially making it easier for me to study in the U.K by allowing me to engage in innovative projects and pursue my passion. You can find out more about applying for a scholarship here. Being a leading U.K University, there are vast internal services and support networks at the University from health, to finance and careers to ensure you are well advised during your studies.

One of the best things about living in Huddersfield is that it is affordable, particularly in comparison to other adjacent cities. The cost of living here is much lower compared to other student cities in the U.K, which means it is great for international students starting out their new life in the U.K. There is transport connectivity across the town and to further destinations like Manchester and Leeds which is good if you’re wanting a day trip out of town.

Accommodation was a major factor for me when moving to the U.K, a new country, new culture, new ways of life. I chose to live in student halls instead of a private studio or rented house as in student halls, all your bills are included, it gives you an opportunity to live with and meet other students/ course mates. I also do a lot of group study with my friends at my accommodation which is good for getting in late study sessions at the heart of your student halls.

Storthes Hall Park, a part of DIGS Student Accommodation is the only official partner of the University of Huddersfield, this is where I live in student accommodation! As I had to book my accommodation from my home country only viewing their well-furnished rooms virtually, it was a tough decision but the University International Office along with the DIGS team helped me to secure my accommodation and when I arrived it matched with my expectations and is all in all great value for money with rooms from only £91.00 per week with everything included.

At Storthes Hall Park they provide convenient and affordable well-furnished ensuite rooms which overlook lush green pastures and countryside. It is very important for me to have a quiet natural environment to live, it makes my mind refresh and improves the quality of my work and study with its harmonious setting. Along with the beautiful scenery and comfortable living arrangements, the kitchen / dining room it is a flat shared living set up which is great for catching up with friends, playing games, watching sport together and more.

My student halls at DIGS also have onsite laundry facilities for you to stay ontop of your washing, as well as a grocery shop so you can pick up all the essentials like fruit and veg, spices, sweets, toiletries etc, a free onsite gym facility with a great choice of machines and weights for you to let of some steam, a free bus service to University which is direct and only takes 15 minutes, a cash machine which is really handy as some services in the U.K are cash only.

The Venue is a personal favourite at my student halls, this is essentially a large space for students to chill, study and offers discounts on food and drinks to students living at DIGS Storthes Hall Park. They also arrange regular events for students like Puppy Therapy where therapy dogs come to the accommodation to help with student wellbeing, themed tea parties, quiz nights and trips where you can visit different U.K cities with DIGS all for a small cost. I find their management team to be very helpful, they are always on hand to answer any queries I have in a friendly and welcoming manner. If you ever experience any maintenance issues, their maintenance portal allows you to submit any issues or complaints that are always resolved in a timely manner.

Student life in Huddersfield

Living in Huddersfield has been a pleasant and enjoyable experience for me so far. Living here allows me to meet new people, making friends is a big part to help the transition as you learn the ways of a new country through its people. Huddersfield also has a large South Asian community so much to my delight I have found there are many home comforts through people, restaurants, shops as well as the Students’ Union where you can join a society of your home country! The Students’ Union are always there for the students of Huddersfield.

In my opinion, persuing my Master’s degree at the University of Huddersfield has given me the opportunity to learn new skills along with getting a great education which shall benefit my future life. Not to mention, living in halls of residence is the best option to start your university experience as it gives you plenty of opportunity to meet more new people. If you are an international student wanting to get enrolled at the University of Huddersfield and you would like to find out more about studying a Postgraduate degree at the University of Huddersfield, you can view the Postgraduate study page here to explore options as a Master’s or PHD student.

Furthermore, if you are international student and want to live at DIGS Storthes Hall Park in Huddersfield, you can find more information in the DIGS International Guide.

I hope my experience has further confirmed your decision for choosing Huddersfield as your place of Postgraduate study in the U.K!

Watch DIGS’ video about life as an international student in Storthes Hall Park:

By Hasan Mahmud Khan
Masters student studying in Huddersfield

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