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Why I Chose To Live At Storthes Hall Park

Mathew Ball

I chose to live at Storthes Hall Park for a variety of reasons, having made fantastic memories with my flat family who I lived with at Storthes Hall last year, I definitely wanted to stay again. I chose to stay at Storthes because of the community here. The staff who work at Storthes are friendly faces on site and are always up for a good chat. They helped me settle into Storthes the first year I decided to live here, no issue is too big or too little for them. They are aware that this is a new chapter in your life and they offer their support, advice, or even just a cup of tea if you need it. Another reason why I chose to live at Storthes Hall Park is because of the fantastic events held in The Venue, which is Storthes Hall Park’s own hub with a bar for food and drink, 3 games rooms, a cinema room and a dance floor for a little boogie time. I remember attending the welcome weekend party where they had their own DJ, it was the perfect event to break the ice with your flat mates and to meet new people. There is always something to do at Storthes from quiz nights to man vs food, the range of events are endless. One of my favourites was the pride karaoke night they hosted to support the LGBTQ+ community we have at Storthes. In addition to nightlife events they host fitness events such as bootcamp and stroll and stride which is our walking and running club. The great thing about these fitness events is that each time you attend one you are one step closer to attending the Tough Mudder event for free, you do this by collecting stamps on a loyalty card. I have participated in Tough Mudder for the past 2 years and I have to admit it is a good day where staff and student all participate as a team.


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