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Why I chose to live at DIGS Huddersfield


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Hey! I’m Emily and I am about to go into my second year studying English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Huddersfield. In my first year I decided to stay at DIGS Storthes Hall Park and it was the best decision I made. Storthes is a great place to stay especially for first years who have yet to establish who they are when not living at home, in a new place with people they don’t know. The way Storthes makes the process of booking, moving in and the first few weeks an easy process, makes them a top choice for first years and beyond studying at Huddersfield University. 

Easy booking process

When searching student accommodation in Huddersfield, I found the website and communications with staff excellent. The website had all the information I needed to make an informed decision on where I would be living for the next year all the way from student testimonials, room tours and location options. DIGS Storthes Hall Park are also the University of Huddersfield’s only approved, recommended and preferred halls of residence which made my decision a whole lot easier through their Accommodation Guarantee with the university.

I booked a face-to-face tour with the team who showed me around the accommodation, this instilled confidence that DIGS was the right halls of residence for me. Once I had booked my room through the website, staff at DIGS made sure to keep me updated on every part of the process and informed me all essential information prior to moving in all the way from what to bring check lists, information on how to pay my rent and support with key contacts. All I had to do was select the accommodation I was interested in, create my account, insert my details and select the room I wanted and the team contacted me with next steps!

Value for money

Not only was it the ease of booking and staff that drew me to live at this Huddersfield student accommodation but the affordable price of rooms and amenities. With all bills included, the picturesque countryside location and the regular events that are included, living at Storthes as a university student is really good value for money with rooms from £91 per week. 

Students can choose the right room for them that is in line with their budget, living here it really is more than just a room. If you’re wanting that perfect balance between home and study with a strong sense of community and support from staff when you need it, DIGS Storthes Hall Park will be a great university accommodation option for you to kick-start your journey away from home. 

Great social experience

One thing that helped before moving in as well was the resident only Facebook group that allowed us to meet our flat mates and other students prior to moving in. I was able to create a group chat with the people I would be living with and we were able to get to know each other before move-in day. This helped ease the stress of moving somewhere new with strangers and allowed us to connect and find some common ground before we moved in together as a flat. 

The freshers activities DIGS put on were also a great way to break the ice between people. It allowed us to connect with each other and make friends. From the first night party to the foam party, Storthes really know how to make you feel at home whilst giving you the space to meet different students. 

Approved accommodation

Amid the current cost of living crisis in the U.K, I was looking for accommodation that is reputable and offers great value for money for students. DIGS Student Accommodation won an award for Best Value in the 2021 National Student Housing Survey and were runners up for 2022. They are National Code and ANUK accredited, which are two key regulatory bodies for university accommodation, this reassured me that professional standards are adhered to and I would be in good hands as a first year student.

All of these things make DIGS Storthes Hall Park a great place to stay and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for student accommodation in Huddersfield! 

By Emily Oates Garner 

BA English Literature with Creative Writing student living at DIGS Storthes Hall Park 


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