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University: My experience going through Clearing


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Hey! My name is Kyle, I’m originally from the Isle of Sheppey, near Kent and I’m about to go into my second year studying BA Games Production at Huddersfield University.

I went through Clearing to get on my course at university. Clearing is not a daunting thing, it is an opportunity to explore new options as well as second chance to change your course or go to a different university completely. Anyone can go through Clearing, whether have got your expected A Level results or not. If you’re waiting for results day, it is good to be prepared and research how you can use the Clearing system through UCAS, make sure you have a list of backup courses and universities you’re interested in so you’re a step ahead in your university search.

Here’s how I used Clearing to get where I wanted to be!

What degree did you initially apply for?

Prior to going to university, I initially applied for Games Development at college but I didn’t get the required UCAS points to get onto that course. Through Clearing, I chose to study Games Production that required less UCAS points. I have always had an interest in gaming as a hobby and chose Games Production as it aligns with a gaming career that I want to pursue in the long term.

What was it like going through Clearing?

Even though I applied a bit later for the course a few days after A Level Results Day, it was a straight forward process. I went onto the UCAS website, filtered to the type of course and entry requirements I was looking for and then I was shown a list of Universities that had space for Games Production. You can also go directly onto the university websites you’re interested in to browse all their courses there to then give your grades over the phone and they will see if they have got a space available. Whilst I was offered my place at Huddersfield quickly having had rung up the university to see if they had a space on the BA Games Production course, I would recommend preparing for all possible outcomes on results day and doing your research early so you can ring up universities for a place in Clearing as soon as possible.

How did you find accommodation through Clearing?

When going through Clearing on UCAS, a few of my family members recommended that I applied to DIGS Storthes Hall Park Huddersfield student accommodation, as they were also applying there to live in halls of residence at university – DIGS have an Accommodation Guarantee with Huddersfield University which made finding accommodation a whole lot easier.

All I had to do was to choose my room on the website, put in my application and then the DIGS team were in contact with me to finalise my booking. When you’re guarantor information has been processed, you will receive a room statement that tells you about all the essentials for moving into your new home. As my hometown on the Isle of Sheppey is over 200 miles away from Huddersfield, using the 360 tours on the website allowed me to make an informed decision in my accommodation search and meant I was familiar of the area even before moving into Storthes, this was a great alternative way for me to view Storthes virtually as I was unable to attend a face-t0-face tour.

Did you attend a Clearing Open Day?

As well as taking advantage of YouTube videos and testimonials on the Huddersfield University website, I did attend a virtual Clearing Open Day at Huddersfield where I was shown the School of Computing and Engineering, which is home to the BA Games Production course. I got to find out first hand what it was like studying in Huddersfield from a student on the course I wanted to study which was a great insight.

What advice would you give to students going through Clearing?

My advice for students wanting to use Clearing to get on a new university course is to keep an open mind, there are so many options and paths you can take, it’s all about choosing the right option for you. Sometimes your first choice university isn’t the ideal choice! Things sometimes don’t go as you expect but don’t be disheartened.

As mentioned, take everything in your stride as Clearing gives you more options that what you originally had in mind. Researching early on UCAS reduces anxiety and stress around the Clearing process so I would highly recommend you’re prepared before you start to call up universities asking for a place on your desired course.

All in all, I had a really positive experience using Clearing, all the relevant information is out there and it made me realise there is always a Plan B and it all works out in the end!

By Kyle Miller 

BA Games Production student living at DIGS Storthes Hall Park 


Choosing Huddersfield University, Sheffield Hallam or Wolverhampton University through Clearing? We’ve saved you a room! Click here for more information.

You can use UCAS to look for a course in Clearing, see your options.

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