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Going through clearing – The step by step guide



Clearing…..It’s not the end of the world.

Clearing, it’s not an ugly word. So you’re reading this because:

A) You’re crazy organised and you’re already covering yourself in case the unthinkable happens and your results don’t go as planned

B) Results day is approaching and you’re beginning to stress about your results

C) Results day has arrived, you’ve missed out on your grades and you’re in a mad panic

Whichever category you fall in to, one thing is for sure…you need not panic. Seriously, don’t panic because this guide has everything covered for you


Don’t stress it this results day


What is clearing?

Clearing is an opportunity for you to find a place on a uni course which starts that very same year, when you haven’t quite received the grades needed for your first or insurance choices. Clearing moves ridiculously quickly, so you can’t sit twiddling your thumbs for too long as places will go fast.

So where do you start?

The process isn’t as gruelling as you may think, there are three steps:


a clearing flow chart





This is a massively important step in the process, you need to ensure that the course and University are both perfect for you:

1. First of all, use UCAS and websites such as WhatUni to do some background research on both the course and the uni

2.Secondly, read some student reviews about the course…. students won’t hold back in their analysis of the course/uni and it may help you narrow down your choices

3.Finally, remember what aspects (e.g Location, Reputation, Size) attracted to your first and insurance choices. See if there are any similar universities/courses that tickle your fancy

This stage of the process shouldn’t be rushed whatsoever, there is a great deal to weigh up.

Making the calls

When calling the clearing call centre, you will be transferred to a current student at the university, then you may be passed through to a member of staff in the school or faculty of the course you want. Now what will they ask you? First of all, they will ask you what course you are interested in and then you will be asked about your grades with the member of staff then taking control from there. Before you ring it is vital that you have considered your options – try not make any rash decisions in a dazed panic.

What you should have on hand when you ring:

>You should have a pen or paper at the ready (That should be a given!)

>A bunch of questions you need to ask jotted down

Your telephone number or email address

>Qualification grades

>Your UCAS number

Image result for phone call student


Securing your place

Research ‘check’, phone calls ‘check’, verbal offers ‘check’. The final stage of the clearing process will be the most satisfying and self-relieving. Once given a verbal offer over the phone, you can now visit the UCAS website and add a clearing course on to your tracker (If they have given you a deadline make sure you update it in time!). Once you’ve added the offer, the Uni will then confirm it to make it official. Your tracker will update to ‘Clearing Accepted’. Eventually you’ll receive a letter through the post to essentially ‘seal the deal’. With that the clearing process is now complete! Now all you have to do is prepare for university.


Now… did someone mention Freshers?



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