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Tips for living with flat mates


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When you move into student accommodation at University, your flat mates will be some of the first people you meet and interact with. It can be challenging at first living with new people and adjusting to a life away from home. Here are some top tips for living with flat mates!


Communication is key to maintaining a healthy relationship with your flat mates. At DIGS, we aim to allocate you with other students of a similar age, that way, you will be sharing the same experiences on your university journey. It is important to speak on any issues you may be having with your flat so these can be resolved quickly before it could grow into a bigger disagreement. Create a WhatsApp or Facebook Group with your flat mates in, that way you can stay in touch around your busy uni schedules.

Set boundaries

Everyone has their own preferences and personal boundaries, that is ok! From the offset, discuss whether you are sharing things like kitchen appliances and food in your flat fridge. A good way to establish what’s yours is by labelling things like containers, toaster machines and kettles. This is a subtle way of saying to your flat mates ‘if you happen to use this, just be considerate and leave it how you found it’.

Keep an open mind

Some flat mates you may not gravitate towards at first, this is completely¬† normal. Just be yourself and don’t feel obliged to be friends with every flat mate you’re living with. Keep an open mind when making friends at University. You will find that some of the most unlikely friendships blossom through shared interests. University is very different to college / sixth form, there aren’t really any cliques. It is common to have multiple smaller friendship groups that cater to different sides of your personality.

Be mindful of others

You will be living with students from all walks of life. Be mindful that home training will be different for each student, meaning that expectations of flat maintenance and cleanliness may not match yours. Make sure you raise any concerns with your flat mates so you can come together and share responsibilities.

Also, if your flat mate has a 9am lecture, just think how loud you may be on an evening or coming in from a night out. A huge part of living with flat mates is respect, just treating people how you  would want to be treated. Getting on with your flat mates makes your University experience so much easier. Make sure you immerse yourself in student life and get to know your flat mates!


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