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Things to Do This Halloween 2020 on a Student Budget


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Halloween is especially fun for students. But it looks a little different this year, student halls are quieter and many places are closed which can make it tricky to find things to do.
COVID has made 2020 scary and not in a fun, spooky way. But if – like me – your favourite holiday happens to be Halloween; you probably still want to do something fun.
Regardless of what Tier alert level that you are in, we have a few ideas on how you can keep busy this Halloween…

When you are in Tier 1 and having a socially distanced Halloween…

If you are in Tier 1 then you can still meet indoors or outdoors in groups of six.

Full Moon Picnic

Did you know that 2020 is the first time that Halloween has fallen on a full moon in 19 years? As if this year hasn’t been weird enough! You could embark on a socially distanced picnic with your support bubble under the moon or go for a moonlit stroll with a loved one. There are plenty of scenic walks in Huddersfield, and beyond. Also at night you are even less likely to run into other people.

Monster Mask

If you and your group of six are looking for some spooky things to do together, then why not get some white face paint and some paints and create a monster mask. It’s a fun activity when you’re in student halls with new people. Put your creativity to work and create something that is unique – it’s a great way to get to know each other a bit better.

Try Ghosting

Instead of ignoring someone, this version of Ghosting involves letting people know that you are thinking of them. Grab a paper bag and decorate it with your favourite Halloween designs and leave it on your neighbours’ doorstep with a note encouraging them to ‘Ghost’ the next person. This isn’t strictly limited to student halls; anyone would appreciate this unique token Halloween gift. You might not be able to socialise or interact with everyone, but you can let them know you are thinking of them.

When you are in Tier 2 and can’t mix indoors…

If you are in Tier 2 then you won’t be able to mix indoors with people from other households. Here are a few ideas for things to do at home, in student halls, and beyond.

Halloween Zoom

Thanks to Lockdown you are probably already acquainted with Zoom so it’s time to put those skills to work by hosting your very own Halloween party via Zoom. You still get a chance to show off your costume and you can all agree to a theme and share a playlist on Spotify. You can even take your friends on a virtual tour of your halls.

Have a very Jimi Halloween

If going all out is not your thing, then do the exact opposite! Jimi Halloween (Plain Halloween) started in Japan in 2014 as a counterbalance to the regular Halloween costumes. People dress up as everyday costumes like ‘Office Worker on Lunch Break’ and ‘Tired Hotel Guest.’ Think of your own oddly particular everyday costume, post your most mundane costume, and see if your friends can guess what you are.

Frat Flat Party

If you can’t socialise outside of your flat, then put a twist on the Halloween party by throwing a Frat Flat Party (assuming everyone in your flat agrees). Dress up like American frat-bros and sorority sisters but make it zombie! Listen to American party anthems, play beer pong, and get a beer pong. It’s something a little different and the perfect theme for a small bubble in student halls.

When you are in Tier 3 or self-isolating…

If you are in Tier 3 where the pubs are closed, and household mixing is banned then you will need to reduce contact with others as much as possible. Or maybe you are self-isolating and feeling a bit bored. Either way, these activities will cheer you up or get your spine-tingling!

Specifically, Scary Cinema

If you are by yourself then there is no better time to scare yourself silly by indulging in a scary movie. With the plethora of them out there, it is impossible to know where to start. You can try picking a theme to find the perfect horror movie for you…this could be anything from Stephen King movies to sequels only, or horror movies with a rating of 10% or less on Rotten Tomatoes. It makes the movie marathon a little more interesting and stops the endless scrolling through Netflix.

Rubbish Scary Selfie

There are people out there whose craft is costumery and make up, this competition isn’t for them. Create a homemade scary costume made from items solely in your room (keep it personal to avoid cross contamination). Get the whole group chat involved and see who can come up with the worst costume. Who said that you have to miss out whilst on your own?

Reverse trick or treating

If you are isolating, then you have the perfect excuse to indulge in all your favourite food. If there’s a list of local restaurants that you have been dying to try, then now is the time. Think of it like reverse trick of treating, instead of going around knocking on strangers’ doors for food, you’re having strangers knock on your door to deliver you food. Huddersfield, Sheffield, and Wolverhampton all have incredible restaurants on their doorstep.


So, regardless of your current situation, there are plenty of Halloween ideas for you to get involved with and to keep busy. Check out the Halloween section on Netflix and Disney+ for more recommendations.
Whatever you choose to do this Halloween, make sure that you stay safe and follow the rules!

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