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The transition from college to university


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As we are approaching Results Day, university is that step closer as you’re about to start your journey in higher education.

You’re probably filled with curiosity and questions for what the future holds as you embark on this new chapter in your life.

Here are some of the main differences between college and university, as well as things to be aware of so they don’t take you by surprise.


University is predominately independent study

Of course you will be in lectures and seminars with your course mates, but a lot of your university studies will also be solo. Some courses will enable you to choose your assignment topics so long as they are aligned with the module you’re being taught. Expect to spend lots of time in study rooms, the library and your university student accommodation to make sure you hit those deadlines!

Whilst you can expect more independence at university, you still get a lot of support from your course peers and tutors. You can schedule one-to-ones with your tutors for academic support, they can also be reached over email and on your university portal.

The fun of independent study is taking ownership of your work and being passionate about your university and course. At college, you can’t be as free with your schedule as you have to balance several A Level subjects or BTEC courses.

Let your creativity flourish and enjoy the independence higher education after sixth form and college brings, there will be lots of opportunity to learn vital life skills living away from home, not to mention the improvement in your academic life by becoming self-critical and accountable for your studies.

Your friendship groups won’t stay the same

You’ll probably be leaving college thinking that your friendship groups won’t change and that you will all stay in contact, that is not always the case.

At university, you’re going to meet so many like-minded people and forge the most unlikely of friendships with students from all walks of life. Keep an open mind and make an effort to meet new friends at university.

Whether you’re living at home for university or in halls of residence, there are so many ways you can meet students like joining a society, at a flat party, Freshers Week events – you name it!

As well as forming new friendships, you will find there are not many cliques and popularity doesn’t exist at university. Just be you, that’s the most important thing. You will find your people so don’t worry, it’s likely a lot of you will be feeling the same way about making friends at university.

You can gain transferable skills

At college, there is little opportunity to get a work placement alongside your studies. A Levels and BTEC courses are arguably much harder and more time consuming than a single university undergraduate course.

University gives you a better balance between home and study compared to college and sixth form, meaning you can put more time and energy into pursuing extra curricular activities like a work placement, part time job or volunteering.

Transferrable skills at university are acquired to better prepare you for future employment and life when you graduate. You can volunteer at your university Students’ Union or in your local community in the town or city where you’re studying.

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