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Student Mental Health – Self Help


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Self care can play a massive role in helping your mental health as a student at University. It can help you manage your stress, cope with daily life and enable you to get the most out of you during your studies. Positive mental wellbeing is for everyone!

Firstly we are going to outline signs to look out for if you think you might be struggling:

  • Low mood and increased irritability
  • Feeling unmotivated and lacking concentration
  • Struggling to sleep
  • Dissociating from social aspects of University
  • Low energy
  • Loosing interest with activities you enjoy doing
  • Appetite or weight changes
  • Excessive worry and dread
  • Indulging in risky behaviours (excessive alcohol, drugs etc)
  • Suicidal or thoughts of self harm

If you’re worried about your mental health, there is lots of help out there, at your student accommodation and University. Make sure you seek support early so it

How do I look after my mental health at University?

Have a pamper night

It can be easy to get caught up with University and neglect yourself. Buy a face mask, turn on your LED / fairy lights, put on a film and chill out. Taking it slow is ok!

Organise your space

Getting ride of clutter will have a huge positive impact on your mental health. Put some time aside to cleanse your space, tidy away mess and open your windows to let some fresh air in.

Fit in your fitnessĀ 

Just 20-30 minutes a day is the recommended amount of exercise. Explore your campus area, going to the gym or walking with friends are all uplifting ways to maintain a positive mood

Drink sensibly

Alcohol is a depressant so watch your consumption levels. Don’t feel peer pressured into drinking when you don’t want to, you can still enjoy yourself without being intoxicated.

Create a sleep routine

With impending deadlines and late nights, it may not always be possible to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep. Where you can, try and establish a sleeping pattern alongside your studies.

Set achievable goals

Mental health struggles can make a lot of tasks feel overwhelming. Be sure not to overwork yourself and take everyday as it comes, mental health recovery is a process.

Join a society

Societies are a great way to get out and socialise, you can bond with other students on shared interests. At DIGS Storthes Hall Park, we have societies like Gaming, Cooking, Mini Golf and more.

Need someone to talk to?

DIGS Wellbeing Support

Raise a ticket:

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Accident and Emergency or Police (999 or 111)
  • Samaritans 24/7 Support (116 123)

Social Media


  • @studentmindsorg
  • @youngmindsuk
  • @andysmanclubuk


  • @mentalhealthuk
  • @mindcharity
  • @anxietyuk

For more details, visit our Student Wellbeing page

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