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Applying for a Summer Internship as a Student


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Summer is fast approaching, your University studies are finished for the academic year and you may be thinking about getting a job over summer to keep your finances afloat.

Getting an internship as a student is not only a great way to keep you occupied, it builds up your CV and shows your commitment to work alongside your studies. There are thousands of companies still recruiting for internships this Summer!

Here are some top tips to help you secure a Summer Internship as an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

Update your CV
Employers will spend an average of 8 seconds looking at a C.V, so it is important that you make yours stand out! It is crucial the internship you are interested in is related to your degree.

Outline your passion for internship you are applying for, how the skills acquired in your degree are transferrable to the role and mention any extracurricular activities you are involved with – such as University clubs and societies.

Finally, describe what you would contribute to and gain from the internship. It is all about making yourself a desirable candidate for the role!

Start Networking

Your professional network at University, as well as your friends are key tools in helping you look for a work placement.

It is important to utilise your social network and build positive working relationships with people in your desired field of work.

LinkedIn and Lunchclub are great platforms for establishing connections with like-minded people in your industry. Arrange a virtual coffee with professionals, discuss career objectives, steps of self-development and learn from one another.

Prepare for Interviews

Our world is still very virtually connected post-pandemic, but that does not mean you should rule out the possibility of an office-based interview!

For virtual interviews over webcam, make sure you have a neutral backdrop and that your webcam positioning is showing your upper body with not too much headspace.
Minimal background distractions is always ideal so if you have a busy household, find a quieter setting where you are comfortable to be interviewed.

For all in-person interviews, have notebook and pen to hand, should you need to take notes from your interviewer.

Your body language is crucial for face to face and virtual meetings, employers will be able to gage your attitude, engagement, and enthusiasm for the role. So, make sure you’re composed and prepared for all that may come your way.

Final advice

Employers love inquisitive and prepared applicants, research the company and role you are applying for, ask question!

Gaining experience through a summer internship or a work placement is very beneficial to kick starting your career. Whilst you are still figuring out where you want to put your energy in the professional field, just go for it and apply for summer internships. Not only will you be able to put it on your CV, it is a great opportunity for expanding your professional contacts.

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