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Snow Day: 10 Super Suggestions for Making the Most of the Weather


beast from the east

The Beast from the East has arrived and its arrived with a vengeance, leaving millions of us with a Snow Day. To the horror of bosses everywhere there has been a large number of us unable to make university, work or school leaving us with the pleasure of being able to revel in the snowy goodness.

Here are 10 ways that you can put your snow day to good use.

Cute wintery photoshoot with your pet(s)


Some of our pets love the snow just as much as we do and they’re itching to get out and amongst it so why not take the opportunity to take some adorable pics? Even if our pooches and pusseycats don’t like the snow, we still can’t resist the urge to drag them out and get a few snaps to post on Instagram before letting them retreat back inside. Cute!

Clear a neighbours drive


Not everyone is lucky enough to be granted a snow day…. if a neighbour is one those unfortunate souls having to trudge out in a blizzard then why not do them a huge favour and clear their drive for when they’re back from work? A small task that won’t take long but would mean the world to your neighbour.

Binge watch a TV series or have a movie marathon


If the cold weather isn’t for you then a snow day is the perfect opportunity to get snuggled up and cosy in front of the television. Get your snacks ready and get stuck in to a thrilling drama or a side splitting sitcom. The Harry Potter series is a personal favourite of ours….

Go sledding


You’re never too old for sledding, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves here at DIGS. Find the closest hill to you, grab a sled and get going! Sledding is an enormous amount of fun and an opportunity not be missed.

Top Tip: Baking trays, Bin bags and Big pieces of cardboard can be used as an alternative to sleds if you haven’t got one

Have a snowball fight

A perfect opportunity to get back at your flatmate who drank your milk or your colleague who wouldn’t swap your shift. Perfect way to get to know your new flatmates if you’re living at the Pinnacles. Snowball fights can be a laugh a minute! Also it’s a chance to relive your childhood, just make sure the person you’re launching them at is down for one too….

Drink a ridiculous amount of hot drinks

The snow exactly isn’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea.’ So a good idea might be to slump on the sofa with a nice hot drink to warm you up nicely. Coffee, a hot chocolate, tea, Horlicks, there’s loads out great hot drinks out there…. whatever your preference is, a hot drink is always a great shout on a cold day.

Make a blanket fort


Another one for those who prefer to be cosy rather than cold. So chill! Figuratively rather than literally, indoors rather than outdoors. Take advantage of no plans and build the comfiest blanket fort known to man. Relaxation goals.

Catch up on emails or do some admin


Bit of a mundane and dull one but a useful exercise nonetheless. Snow days can be perfect for getting on top of stuff such as emails, appointments and other boring stuff. Put some time away and put it to good use.

Check on your elderly relatives/friends

Arguably the most important suggestion on the list. In adverse conditions it can be the elderly who suffer the most. Pop round to their house or give them a quick phone call to ensure that they’re warm and that they’ve got food in.

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