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Self help: Overcoming the January blues


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Whilst the calendar month of January typically represents new starts and approaches to your life, it can also be a time where you may feel a bit of out of the loop and in low mood. The relaxing Christmas period is over and it can be quite overwhelming jumping straight back into your routine.

What are the “January blues”?

Your whole for you page has gone into a “new year, new me” frenzy. It’s usually not as simple as that. With a bunch of New Year’s Eve self promises and longing for change, it is easy to slip into a negative mind-set this time of year. Dark mornings and early evenings can leave you feeling out of sync and lost for time when wanting to do things you love. Also, not to mention British weather being miserable as usual! The January blues can make the start of the year a bit rocky, you’re not alone.

Here are some ways you can overcome the January blues

Get some fresh air

For the limited daylight and sunshine we have this time of the year, make the most of it! Whether it’s going out for a walk, grabbing a coffee with friends or sitting on a park bench, take in the outdoors. Our brains love sunlight and getting vitamin D is important for maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Do some self-care 

The winter elements can be really harsh on our body, so it is important to put some moisture back into your skin. Put on a film, do a face mask with your friends and hike up that heating to stay warm. After all, all bills are included in your weekly rent at DIGS so you don’t have to worry about any rising energy costs.

Start exercising 

After devouring an entire tub of Celebrations over Christmas (aside from the Bounty of course), you’re probably feeling in need of some exercise. Getting started doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems, you can search beginner workout sets on YouTube and TikTok. Science has proved that exercising releases your endorphins, otherwise known as feel good hormones.

Remember that it will soon be February 

January is just a calendar month that has some negative connotations. Try and treat January like summer, your mindset can help to regulate your feelings towards a situation. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, the month will soon pass!

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