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Prioritising Your Mental Health at Uni


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As a student at University, you will be balancing your studies, personal and social life, as well as having new experiences and creating new memories away from home in student accommodation.

Mental health at Uni

Student life can feel quite chaotic at times with various commitments and we can slip into bad habits of neglecting our mental wellbeing. It is important to find time for you, not just to relax, but for your own sanity. Whether that’s going for a walk, fulfilling a hobby or indulging in some retail therapy or self care, finding time with you as the main focus is essential for a happy and healthy mind.

Isla, our Huddersfield student living at DIGS Storthes Hall Park has suggested some things you can implement in your routine to have a more positive outlook on your mental health at uni!

  1.  Talking 

Talking is really important, not only for expressing how you feel but for mental clarity and socialising with other people. It can be a weight off your shoulders opening up to a friend or family member, you can see light of a situation as well as a solution with advice from loved ones. A chat and a cuppa is free therapy!

     2.   Relaxing

Sometimes life can feel like it’s going 100mph. You may overwork yourself and struggle to switch off. A good way to unwind and let your mind free is to get in some chill clothes, make a hearty, comforting dinner and read before bed. All of these are things away from screen time, constantly being glued to our phone and seeing a slurry of notifications can be quite overwhelming, take some time out and allow your mind to relax.

     3.   Hygiene 

In addition, self care A tidy room equals a tidy mind, change your sheets, open your curtains, get some fresh air, have a shower and get dressed for the day. These are small things to achieve that can massively improve your mood and help to channel that positive energy from within. It can be difficult sometimes to practice self care with mental health challenges, start small and build a routine day by day. Soon it will become second nature.

     4.   Socialising 

At DIGS, we have large student communities at all of our accommodation locations. Flat shared living makes it great to meet like minded people and bond over shared interests. If you’re missing home, don’t be afraid to give your loved ones a call and say hello! Moving to university is a huge life transition and milestone. It is completely normal for you to have your ups and downs adapting to life away from home. Forming friendships can really help you blossom and feel part of student life.

     5.   Have fun!

Last but not least, make sure you have fun! Do something that you really enjoy, don’t neglect your personal interests just because you are at uni having new experiences.

For mental health support at DIGS, click here


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