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Preparing for Uni: Your Essential Guide


uni guide

Ah preparing for uni, the most fun but most nerve wrecking time of the year. Whether you know which uni you’re going to, you’re waiting for A-Level results or plan to use clearing to make a final decision, your student days are just a couple of months away. But don’t panic! It might seem like you have a daunting list of things to sort out, but here at DIGS we’ve come up with a timeline of what to do, and when.


In your own time (but before September)

  • Find your new home

Picking a place to live might sound like a challenge in this current climate, but most student accommodation providers have got you covered. Check out virtual open days and tours to help you make your decision. But it’s not all online – at DIGS we’re also offering socially distanced tours of our accommodation. Give your preferred location a call to arrange an appointment.

  • Join your community

Once you’ve found your new home, join the ‘residents only’ Facebook group to get up to date with what’s on, meet your flatmates and more.

  • Stock up on uni essentials

Searching the web will reveal a wide range of ‘What you need for uni’ lists. From the bits and pieces that make your new room feel like home – like bedding, lamps and accessories ­– to toiletries, stationery, electricals, clothes, medication and any documents you need to take with you.



  • Results day & clearing

You’ll be only too aware that results day is August 13th. But if you’re waiting for your results to make your uni choice, or you’re planning to go through clearing, you can start your accommodation search from this point onwards.

  • Cooking essentials

If you’re used to having meals made for you, now’s the time to brush up on a few cooking basics! From fajitas and stir fries to chilli and spag bol, if you’ve got a few simple, filling and nutritious recipes under your belt, you won’t starve and you’ll save a fortune on eating out.

  • Set up your student bank account

Banks love tempting new student customers with the promise of freebies, but check out the bigger picture, including 0% overdraft facilities, to see which offer the best deal for you. It’s also a good time to plan your budget. Work out your fixed costs, estimate how much you think you’ll need for food, uni materials and socialising, and plan how much you have to spend each week. Check out MoneySavingExpert for great, impartial advice. This is the time you need to check that your student finance is in place for the academic year ahead, too. This website is your go-to for all information.

  • Get the laundry low down

It might sound silly, but knowing how to use a washing machine and dryer, and what can and can’t be ironed, is an essential skill. Our accommodation has laundry facilities, but knowing how to use them will help prevent you from ruining your favourite top the first week you’re here…

  • Plan how you’ll get to your accommodation

If you’re travelling by train or coach from home to your accommodation, booking your ticket now will be one less thing to worry about. But check what time you can arrive. The pandemic has meant that you’ll need to select an arrival time, so please read your emails.

  • Search for clubs & societies

As well as a handy section on the DIGS website about the experience we offer you, your uni website will most likely have a section on the student union. This should include a list of the clubs and societies that they offer, including any virtual groups that are new for this year.



  • Packing for your arrival

It’s a good idea to pack your belongings into holdalls and bags that you can manage – rather than big cases or unwieldy boxes – in case you have a way to walk or stairs to negotiate when you arrive. Pack logically too, so you can go straight to the bag you need.

  • Check out your local area

If your uni is in a city that’s completely new to you, it’s a great idea to check out what the local area’s got to offer. Our Blog has articles on getting to know Huddersfield and Sheffield – with the must-visit places, tastiest food venues, spots to relax and inspiration for days out. It’s a good idea to register with your local GP surgery, and find a dentist and optician, too.

  • Meet your new flat mates

 Once you’ve unpacked, it’s time to get to know your neighbours and plan that all-important social calendar. With loads of new people to meet, Freshers Week is a great time to work out who you like spending time with. And even in times of social distancing there will be plenty of events for you to sign up to – have fun!

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