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Preparing for moving to University


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Happy 1st of September! It’s not long until thousands of students will be moving to University. There will be a lot of anticipation building up before going to University, for parents as well as students. Follow our checklist to make sure you’re prepared for the big Uni move.

Take what you need

If it is important, make sure you don’t leave it behind when moving to University! We recommend packing all your essentials in a separate box for easy access on moving day. You may think you need everything out of your wardrobe for Uni, you most likely won’t (especially if it is formal wear). Pack outfits that are suitable for all seasons, as well as a few pairs of boots of trainers you won’t be bothered about ruining on nights outs.

Follow our guide for What to bring to Uni, where you can print a list of kitchen, bedroom and personal items to help you pack.

Important things to bring:

  • Passport
  • Drivers license (optional)
  • All University correspondence (including acceptance letter)
  • University ID
  • Bank card and documents
  • Arrival pass for student accommodation

Master a few easy meals.

If you’re worried about cheffing at Uni, don’t worry! We have our very own DIGS Cookbook, and our Huddersfield student accommodation, DIGS Storthes Hall Park has a Cooking
Society for students of all abilities to join! Learn the basics of cooking and meet other students along the way.

There are also plenty of YouTube tutorials and TikTok’s of quick and easy student friendly recipe’s to follow so you get a jist of cooking before you start University. Expect to also bond with your flat mates through food, whether that’s flat cooking, takeaway nights or DIGS freebies.

Set up your student bank account

To receive your maintenance loan and to pay money in and out of your current account, you will need to set up a student bank account. There are many perks to student bank accounts, including discounts, freebies and even interest free overdrafts.

Find the best student bank accounts for 2022 here.

You can find your flat mates in our Official 2022/23 Facebook Groups

Connect with your flat mates and the wider DIGS student community by joining our Facebook Groups:

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