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Uni Packing: What you’ll need in DIGS


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what to pack

It’s April, uni is just around the corner. And you have your heart set on moving into DIGS student accommodation. Which location have you picked? Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Huddersfield?

You’ll be packing your bags and off to your own little home before you know it and guess what? You can never be too prepared for life away from Mum and Dad.

You can start by buying little bits and pieces over the next few months. This takes the pressure away from rushing around IKEA last minute and prevents the guilt of watching your parents spend the cost of a racing horse on your new possessions, plus the first few days will be busy enough without stressing over where to buy a tin opener.

It is also important to remember that you cannot bring absolutely everything you have at home, there just won’t be room and it isn’t practical.

Now this post is not here to offer you a fully comprehensive checklist of things you need for university this is merely a short list of items you may not think of, but that you’ll definitely need.

uni student writing in a book
Have I packed everything for uni

 Toastie Maker- uni essential

These things are super cheap and make wicked hot sandwiches. You’ll be thankful for a cheap, fast meal that doesn’t cost the earth in ingredients. You can buy this Breville sandwich toaster from Argos for £19.99,

Toastie filling deas:

  • Cheese and ham
  • Brie and bacon
  • Garlic and mushrooms
  • Cheese and beans
  • Tuna and beans
  • Mashed banana and honey
  • Beans and tinned sausages
  • Pepperoni, tomato puree and tomato slices
  • Peanut butter and jam
  • Any toppings that taste great on a pizza will make a great toastie

Student Cookbook- Never enter a Uni without one 

We already know that food is the most important part of the day – it boosts your mood and productivity. Even if you can cook, it is always handy to have a whole load of new ideas (you can’t live off that one meal for three years). It’s also helpful to get to know the best meals that don’t break the bank. We recommend ‘The Student Cookbook’ edited by Jane Birch. It’s £10.00 and you can get it here.

Wok – the single most important pan you will ever own in your life.

You can do pretty much whatever you want with a wok. All hail the human that invented the wok. What a legend. You can get one from Sainsbury’s for under £15!

Tupperware – ‘Oh my mum has plenty I can just take some of hers’.

Don’t steal your mums Tupperware.

She’ll be driving 129 miles down the motorway to steal them right back. Tupperware containers are handy for just about everything, you can use them for so much more than storing leftover food. Fancy a trip to your mum’s idea of heaven? Visit

Oven Glove – The most overlooked and forgotten item in the history of students.

The oven glove. Picture this, your parents have just said their goodbyes. You have unpacked as much as physically possible in a couple of hours. Suddenly you are absolutely starving. So you finally cook yourself up a pasta bake, you go to take it out of the oven and oh s**t you have no oven glove. How are you going to get your food out of the oven? What a pickle! Admit it, you would have definitely forgotten the oven glove.

Bottle opener/Corkscrew – I don’t think an explanation is required here.

At University you need a bottle opener, and you need to never let it out of your sight. Those things have legs and there’s a strong chance you’ll never see it again. You don’t need to part with many pennies for this must-have, you can pick one up from the poundshop.

Dressing Gown – Just trust us

You might not wear one at home, you might not think they’re fashionable but they will save your bacon when you’re pottering around your DIGS accommodation hoping nobody else is around. There will be and you most certainly will be embarrassed.

Laundry Basket – A uni essential

When you are leaving the launderette you are bound to lose at least two odd socks, a pair of boxers and a kitchen sink when you are taking your washing back to your room. By the end of your first term you won’t have a matching pair of socks left and all your Calvin Klein’s will be replaced with Primark’s finest pack of five.

Cheese Grater – Cheese is life.

The cheesier the better. ‘That has too much cheese on it’…said no one ever. It is the one expensive food that you probably refuse to live without because of its magic to make even the dullest meal ten times better. Beans on toast = boring. Cheesy beans on toast = life changing. Get yourself a container from IKEA for only £2.20.

Thermal Flask – Coffee can be expensive on University Campus.

Like really expensive. When you’re approaching assignment season you will probably spend a lot of time in the library and your student budget will be unlikely to cover endless cups of coffee and hot chocolate. Taking a flask is an absolute must. Perfect for 9am lectures and 9pm study sessions. This ‘Polar Great Thermal Flask’ is just £6 from

Want to get ready for uni a little more check out our prep guide here

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