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New Year, New You. Why Getting Fit Helps Your Well-being

New Year, New You! Why Getting Fit Helps Your Well-being


Many people know that exercise is good for the mind and body, but we want to tell you exactly why keeping fit can help your well-being.


Your Mind and Body Are Connected

It is common to think of your mental and physical health as two separate things that work independently but what you do with your body has a very powerful effect on your mental well-being. Exercising promotes the following changes in the brain:


  • Neural growth: exercise strengthens and grows the nerves in your brain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • New activity patterns
  • Releases endorphins


Reduced Anxiety and Depression

The release of endorphins means happier moods and less anxiety. This, in turn, means that you can sleep much easier and feel more energised throughout the day. Studies have found that exercising at least 3 times a week reduces the risk of depression by nearly 20%! It has also been found that exercise can be as effective as antidepressant medication for adults.


Increased Self-Esteem

Exercising gives you a sense of self achievement, a better self-esteem and setting yourself goals and completing them will make you feel proud of yourself. You will also pick up new skills like the ability to rise to a challenge and a better self-discipline through regular exercise.


Fills Your Time

You will have much more free time while you are a student compared to when you are working full time which means that exercising is the perfect way to fill your time. You can make exercise fun – find a sport that you enjoy, work out with friends, try to fit exercise into your daily life and try to make it a habit. Fitting socialising and exercise in together can be even more rewarding as getting involved with others is also good for your well-being.


Physically Rewarding

Not only will exercising considerably increase your mental wellbeing, but your body will benefit too. Exercise helps to relax muscles, relieves tensions in the body and increases your metabolism.


Regular exercise can be realistic, but don’t try to set unrealistic goals – doing something is better than doing nothing so plan your workouts and find out for yourself how good exercise can make you feel!


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