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Navigating the New Normal as a University Parent


parent top tips
student accommodation
student wellbeing

What’s a University Parent? Well it’s when your son or daughter heads off to university, it isn’t just a huge time in their life, it’s a major milestone for parents too. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re starting student life or entering their final year, you deserve a pat on the back for supporting them as they transition into adulthood.

 Your child may breeze through their university days, but it’s likely that they’ll face a few hurdles along the way, too.  As a university parent you’ll want to help them on their way. Especially as we enter the ‘new normal’, where there are new things to think about and fresh challenges to deal with. That’s where our Top Tips come in – why not grab a brew and have a read.

 Keeping in touch

 With at least some remote learning looking like possibility, you may worry about them spending too much time in their room studying and becoming isolated. Encourage them to find shared study areas where they can work alongside others and to use video calls to connect with other people on their course. Look out for remote learning support through the university, where an online community could provide valuable networking and friendship. You never know, they might even call you for a chat.

Coping with change

 If your child is returning to a university where they’ve already been studying, this term will probably look and feel different in many ways. It’s a good idea to talk to your child about the changes the pandemic may have forced, and prepare them as far as you can. Check out the university’s website and social media for details of social distancing measures or planned adjustments to student activities. Chat about how different their social life may look and suggest some alternatives that they can look up once they’re back. Contact their halls of residence or student rep if your child has any questions about how different life will feel. One thing’s for sure, they won’t be on their own. You can take a look at how DIGS will support your son/daughter with their wellbeing here.

Cooking confidence

 Student life is a totally new experience for freshers – but it will be different this semester for returning students, too. Food can be a great link to home, if they’re missing family or familiarity. Whether your child is a kitchen novice or has a love of takeaways that leaves their bank balance empty, you could help them brush up on cookery skills before heading off to university. Not only will you feel better knowing that they may just be eating healthily now and again, but they also might enjoy eating comfort food that reminds them of home. Recipes don’t have to be complicated – mac n cheese and cottage pie are trusty favourites. And it might mean that they can impress their friends by whipping up a quick meal at the end of a busy day studying.

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