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My Freshers’ Experience at University


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Hey! I’m Emily, a first year English Literature with Creative Writing student studying at The University of Huddersfield and this is my freshers’ experience at university living at DIGS Storthes Hall Park!

How did you find moving in?

To be honest, I was really nervous. Despite me being ready to start this new venture being a university student and moving away from home, I was worried I wouldn’t make friends or like living somewhere new. But once I arrived at DIGS, I knew I had made the right decision. From the beautiful scenery to the friendly, welcoming staff and fresher’s events, I knew no matter what, I would be comfortable and feel safe living here. Once I got my keys and found my room the excitement grew, I couldn’t wait to make the space my own.

Once I met my flatmates, I felt even better. We had been speaking online thanks to the Official Storthes Hall Park Facebook group, so the idea of meeting them was less scary but meeting in person was different. As soon as we met, I knew I had met friends for life! The matching up by being allocated a flat with like minded students was great as we all have similar interests and hobbies. Having good flatmates made this home away from home even more special.

Was it easy to make friends?

For me personally, yes, I am a naturally bubbly person so initial meetings are great as I am comfortable speaking to new people and open to new opportunities. Apart from my flatmates, I managed to make friends at the freshers’ events held at The Venue. Once the rush of the first few weeks died down with settling into my uni timetable and all the initial first meetings, I made concrete relationships with people who were initially just acquaintances and I couldn’t be happier. Your freshers’ experience at uni is definitely what you make of it. Just get stuck in and be open to meeting new people! You can meet people at your student accommodation, in lectures or even joining a society.

How is the social life at DIGS?

It’s great! The events put on by Storthes have helped me to get to know people and have fun, especially on my first few nights in my new home. From the freshers’ party to the foam party, the events were a lot of fun and allowed me to meet some of my now closest friends. I have rebooked to live with friends I have met at Storthes Hall Park for next year, it is the support, facilities and overall positive student experience that has made me want to make these university halls my home away from home for another year.

How do you balance social and university life?

I’m lucky as my course involves a lot of independent study, I can choose when I carry out my work and fit my studies around my social life and pending deadlines. I am in uni for a couple of hours Tuesday to Friday and the rest of the time I split between university work, part time work, rehearsals and socials for the Musical Theatre Society which I am an active member of. I manage to keep a good balance by letting myself take breaks when I need to. That allows me to recharge and in doing so, making my time dedicated to uni work more efficient.

What is one of your favourite Storthes Hall Park memories?

This was so difficult to decide on! But I would have to say one of my favourite memories since being here has to be around Bonfire Night when Storthes held a bonfire with loads of rides, performers and fireworks. Me and my friend went and enjoyed the fireworks, ate from the food truck and went on way too many rides. It was so fun and made feel part of student life at Huddersfield’s largest student community. It was an amazing event and one of the best nights I’ve had here so far.

By Emily Oates Garner

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