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Moving to the U.K as an International Student


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As an International Student, moving to another country comes with a culture shock and lots of preparations which could be overwhelming. This comes with excitement and the tendency of missing out on relevant information and proper planning. Hopefully, this and the additional link would provide little information and what you need to know as an International Student moving to the UK.

After securing a place at university, there are a set of documentation, and processes despite the strenuous process of selection from the university. Alongside booking of flights, on arrival to the UK the relevant immigration documents such as passport, CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter, accommodation contract letter, and student visa may be required by the UK Immigration officer.

In the event of COVID restrictions, there might be further entry requirements and regulations. These documents include the passenger locator form, COVID negative tests (pre-departure), and booking arrival COVID tests may be required.

Upon arrival to the UK, the following are things you need to know as an International Student moving to the U.K:

Collecting your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

A BRP is very important as it holds your visa status in the country as a student. You will need to fill out the necessary forms for the collection of BRP and follow instructions as advised by your university. The option of delivery or collection at the office would be available where you would need your passport as proof of identification.

Applying for National Insurance (NI) number

This is also an important information for your stay in the UK as it is also required for job applications if you intend to work while studying. You will need to submit an application on the on UKVI website and print the required documents like application form, passport and BRP. The printed copies of these documents should then be posted to an address which will also be provided by the UKVI. The NI document will be delivered to your chosen address after some weeks.

Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account is necessary as you will need a valid account and debit card for local transactions like shopping and for part time job payments (where applicable). After choosing a bank, documents such as proof of enrolment, letter for bank provided by the university and other required details on application forms may be required in order to open an account.

Applying for student ID

You need your student ID for identification and to access student discounts. This is also applicable for buses as you can travel to your desired location with cheaper rates. Depending on the university, you will need to submit your application with a photograph to receive your student ID.
Registering with a GP

You need to register with a general practitioner in the event of any medical attention or emergencies. A form will be provided by your University, which is quite easy to complete, you will receive confirmation along with your NHS number via post.

Registration with the Police

The registration with the Police will be seen on the letter of your VISA, vignette, or an email from the Home Office. It is necessary to register with the police as it is important for your VISA status. Registration with the Police will also help you to extend your VISA in the U.K after your studies.

Although this seems like a handful, with proper planning the journey of an International Student moving to the UK is not as bad as it seems. At least these top tips could give you a head start and I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

UKVI link UK Visas and Immigration – GOV.UK

For more guidance for moving to the U.K, visit our International Page

By Sheldon Lobo

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