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Making friends at University


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University has a lot of ‘first time’ experiences, one of them including moving away from home and making new friends.

It’s completely normal to feel nervous about meeting new people, it will be reassuring to know you will all feel the same way.

Here are some of our top tips for settling in and plucking up the courage to make friends at University.

Bond with your flat mates

Some of the first people you will meet will be your flat mates in student accommodation.

University accommodation is home to students from all walks of life, don’t worry if your first language is not English. You can learn about each others cultures and integrate into University life through diverse friendships. If you find you need someone to repeat themselves, they would appreciate that rather than you misunderstanding.

Stay true to yourself, you won’t naturally gravitate towards every new person that you meet and that’s ok! Friendships take time to develop, if you’re not feeling that connection with someone, there are no hard feelings. It helps to have multiple friendship groups to showcase different parts of your personality, it is great to find like minded friends that bring out every side of you.

Attend Events

Events are a great way to try something new and take you out of your comfort zone. If someone invites you to an event, just go! You can meet a lot of people and bond with the most unlikely of characters.

At DIGS, we have a monthly events calendar dedicated to enhancing your student experience. Our students have been on free trips all around the U.K to destinations like Alton Towers, York Christmas markets, the Lake District and more! We also host events for every personality, such as silent disco nights and cooking/ craft workshops.

Join a society

DIGS and University Societies are great for bonding with students over shared interests. Social settings allow friendships to bloom organically, there is no pressure to go out of your way to make friends. All of this will come naturally by involving yourself in student life.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram @digs_student for 22/23 Societies at DIGS Storthes Hall Park (Huddersfield).

Remember you’re not alone

It will be your first time at Uni, and for a lot of you, your first time away from home. You will all be feeling pretty much the same about making new friends.

Talk to someone if you’re feeling lonely or anxious, this could also be the start of a new connection. Make sure you look after yourself. It can sometimes be overwhelming when you first start University and there are all these new people to meet – take it at your own pace. You can also find friends at University online through course chats, society chats etc.

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