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Making friends at University


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Moving to university is just around the corner… You’re probably thinking about all the social interactions that come with starting university and embracing your new home away from home in student accommodation. A big part of uni is forging the most unlikely of friendships, trying new things and stepping out your comfort zone. Prepare to feel a bit nervous, if you don’t gel with someone from the offset it’s probably not meant to be, but that shouldn’t discourage you from making new friends! We’re here to give you some top tips for making friends during your first year at university.

Be open to finding friendships outside your flat

When it comes to bonding with your flat mates, we recommend leaving your bedroom door open when you move into your university accommodation. That way people will be more open to popping their head in and introducing themselves, there will be no awkward knocks then! It also presents yourself as being outgoing and approachable.

On the other hand, it is also important to seek new friends outside your flat. This can be from your course, a night out, joining a society, whatever it may be! One thing many of you will all have in common is that you have moved away from home to embark on a new journey at uni. Friendships are vital for ensuring you have a healthy social element alongside your studies and people to experience uni life with. After all, you will be in an unfamiliar town / city to begin with so it’s good to navigate this new era of your life with like-minded people!

Spend time in communal areas

Resist the urge to always have your door shut and venture out to explore the social facilities at university and your accommodation. Common rooms are a the perfect environment to immerse yourself in everything student and make some new friends.

You can start a conversation and approach someone sitting by themselves, they are probably feeling as nervous as you and need that friendly encouragement to open up that you’re going to give!

Join Facebook Group’s

A great way to meet people is through dedicated freshers and accommodation Facebook Groups. Simply go onto Facebook and search the town / city you’re going to be calling home and then “Freshers”, you will see undergraduate and postgraduate students as members of these groups. By engaging in these groups you will also be the first to know about Freshers Week events hosted by the university and the local clubs.

At DIGS, we have official resident Facebook Groups for our Huddersfield, Sheffield and Wolverhampton student accommodation where you can find your flat / course mates and stay up to date with student life.

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