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Maintaining long distance relationships at uni


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Relationships are a challenge when you’re not miles apart from each other, but they can be more so when you’re trialling out your relationship long distance at university. One of the first things people will tell you when you’re thinking about moving away is that your sixth form relationship won’t last at university and that a long distance relationship isn’t even on the cards.

Here are some of our top tips for surviving your relationship at uni.


Don’t close yourself off

Going to university is all about meeting life-long friends and fun, likeminded people, gender aside. You will find you have a much healthier relationship when you’re not closed off and consumed by your other half, that also goes for facetiming or texting each other all the time.

You may be worried about whether your relationship is going to work so you distance yourself from university life, this will ultimately lead to you isolating yourself and overthinking your relationship.

Prioritise quality time together

University can get hectic with freshers week, pending deadlines and exam revision. It is important to make time for each other and plan date nights. If you can’t see each other for a while, a virtual night is always cute – cook a meal, eat dinner together and plan your next in person meeting.

Long distance relationships are all about keeping it fresh and fun, feeling connected will strengthen your relationship and improve communication in the long term as you approach more challenging stages of your academic journey away from home.

Acts of affection

To show that you are really thinking about each other, sending gifts or writing letters is a thoughtful way for staying in touch. You may not have a lot of spare cash as a student, but small gifts go a long way in a long distance relationship.

Anything that says “Hi, I appreciate you!”, is instantly uplifting when you have had a down day and miss each other.

Embrace changeĀ 

From spending every day together to seeing each other on occasion, it can be difficult to adapt to this new era of your relationship. University is a time where a lot of students “find themselves”, it is all part of growth. New hair, new style, new friends – it is all healthy.

Keep your partner in the loop, if you have joined a society or tried something new – that’s great, tell them!

Remember, some relationships are just not meant to last, don’t force something when the effort from both parties isn’t there to make it work. You are the best judge of character for that.


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