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Life as an LGBTQ+ student living in Huddersfield


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I come from a town where being part of the LGBTQ+ community is not common. All throughout secondary school and college I was bullied for being a bisexual and then later on for being non binary.

When moving to Huddersfield, I found out not just the University but the whole town and even my accommodation, DIGS Storthes Hall Park hosts really inclusive social activities that are open and welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community.

The University of Huddersfield has a LGBTQ+ society that meet every week on campus. There is always opportunity to make new friends and it just a vibe! They do fundraisers like bake sales and put on events like picnics and club nights to support the community. They raise awareness for other things too and are very active around the University. Its great meeting people who are similar to me. The University also have permanent LGBTQ+ features around campus like rainbow flags, the crossroads are even rainbow coloured which gives a splash of colour to campus and its students.

Rain is Huddersfield’s only LGBTQ+ bar and club. There are drag shows, themed events like Britney Bottomless Brunch where you can sing your heart out to timeless tunes with a vodka lemonade in your hand. Their prices are really student friendly and it is the perfect place to let loose and express yourself!

Storthes Hall Park have their own on-site student hub, The Venue. My friends regularly meet there and it’s open even for those who aren’t LGBTQ but support it. They host regular trips and events that cater to all students so you never feel like you are short of things to get involved in.

In Huddersfield, there’s loads of LGBTQ+ activities to do around town and my university¬†student accommodation. The whole town is very supportive and living here I have always felt like I can be truly myself

By Ferny Williams

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