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Life as an International Student living in Sheffield


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As an international student living in the U.K, it can be challenging at first when you move to a different country and have to familiarise yourself with new surroundings and a new way of life. It is also exciting to experience new things every day and come out of your comfort zone.

My journey in the U.K began in August 2021 when I enrolled as a student at Sheffield Hallam University. It was my first time out my home-country, India and away from my parents. Once everything was all set (i.e: plane tickets and student accommodation), I moved to Sheffield where I reside at DIGS The Pinnacles. I had to quarantine for ten days after arrival. I was lucky enough to get food supplies from my accommodation which was a self-isolation necessity!

When my quarantine was complete, I began socialising and visited the University campus. The Students Union gave out freebies and I got a food coupon on the first day of lectures. Everything was going smoothly until I realised I needed to do grocery shopping and cook for myself, something I had never done before. There are many places in Sheffield where international students can get grocery items for reasonable prices. Aldi, Tesco and The Moor are my go-to supermarkets. It was challenging at the start, I began to slowly navigate my way around Sheffield and now I can cook tasty dishes. The perks of living with other international students are that you get to learn about different cultures and traditions. I have learned how to make Nigerian chicken stew and have picked up a little bit of Yoruba too! One of the first things an international student will do in the U.K is look for a part-time job, not only for an income but to meet people in the city. Getting a part-time job is not that difficult as there are many platforms to help students find work, ‘Handshake’ is an online job-search portal for students where you can apply for full time/ part time jobs, internships and even jobs at University.

I have had positive and enjoyable experience living at DIGS The Pinnacles. The accommodation has helped me a lot when settling into life in Sheffield. They arrange regular trips and events that help students to meet other flatmates and see different tourist destinations around the U.K . There is a wonderful common room with a pool table, table tennis, story books and a huge screen to watch movies and play games. My flat mates and I often play pool against other residents till 3am. One night we managed to play 25 matches! They provide loads of freebies such as pizzas, chips, and smoothies which are the best. I like to work in their study room, it is the perfect calm environment to complete assignments and study with friends. For fitness and gym fanatics, there is a free on-site gym that has a range of equipment to build that summer body.

The weather in Sheffield can be quite confusing at times too. I will be on my way to a lecture covered in layers from head to toe holding my umbrella, next minute the sun is shining bright or it is even snowing! Now, I’m always prepared for the weather in the U.K, I feel like a mini-Dora carrying my umbrella wherever I go.

There are many places to go and things to do in Sheffield. Sheffield Hallam University hosts field trips so you can explore Sheffield and beyond. There are plenty of sports and social societies that students can join. You will experience lots of things for the first time as an international student living in the U.K. Ice Sheffield is where I went ice-skating for the first time and I had a game of Zorb Football organised by my student accommodation with my flat mates, something I have never done before!

Sheffield is a student city full of opportunities; all you need to do is not miss them.

By Sheldon Lobo

Postgraduate student living at The Pinnacles

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