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How To Learn To Love Yourself


self love

Valentine’s Day has just gone but you should love yourself all year round!

If you’re a Ru Paul fan you will know the saying ‘If you can’t love yourself, then how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? And how true this is!

Whilst being in love has been proven to be good for us, not everyone has a significant other and sometimes it can feel really tough, but a bit of self-love is the best way forward.

Here are our top tips for giving yourself some love when you need it:

  • Have a social media free day- Social media is a wonderful, powerful tool but sometimes seeing the perfection on it can make you feel very down, so delete the apps and give yourself a social media free day, re-download the apps when you are feeling better
  •  Write down a few things that you love and are proud of about yourself, it can be something tiny like your favourite facial feature or a really big thing you have achieved and are proud of.


  • Spend time with people that make you feel great, some people will never make you feel good about yourself, often these are their issues but that doesn’t help the way you feel. So, try to spend time with people who big you up and make you feel amazing, they can help teach you to love yourself.

Taking care of your inner saboteur

  • Make some time for yourself whether that is a facemask and a night in watching your favourite show, going for a walk by yourself, taking yourself on a solo coffee date, just do something that you enjoy and that makes you feel good.


  • Studies have shown that living in a cluttered environment seriously effects your mental health and productivity, so have a clear out and create some room and leave yourself feeling well and productive. As well as clearing out your physical space, try and have a social media clear out, if you follow any one who makes you feel at all negatively about yourself then unfollow, keeping up with everyone’s lives is simply not worth jeopardising your mental health.


  • Enjoy a bit of a health kick, make yourself some good hearty healthy food, I know it doesn’t seem it but eating something good will make you feel better for longer than that big bar of chocolate will! (Although sometimes we all need the chocolate bar). And do some exercise it doesn’t have to be much but exercise releases endorphins and will ultimately make you feel loads better after.


  • Have a chat with close friends and family and ask them what they love about you, its so hard to see what others see when you are looking through your own critical eyes but other people see you very differently, ask them what they think and then try and look at yourself the way they do.


Loving yourself is not something that happens overnight, these things aren’t a magic cure, but sometimes a little bit of love can make you feel a whole lot better.

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