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Last Minute Halloween Outfits


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It’s Spooky season, which means it’s time to choose your Halloween outfit! If you’re in need of some inspiration, don’t worry, we have got you covered! Here are our favourite, affordable and easy to prepare scary fits for student night!

Halloween outfits


A classic unisex costume that always looks great when done right.

Channel your inner Jack Sparrow by piecing together:

  •  A bandana or pirate hat
  • Big gold hooped earrings
  • Chunky jewellery
  • Eye patch
  • Ripped long skirt
  • Fish net tights (optional)
  • Boots

Most of these items can be found home or for cheap from Amazon.


Witches outfits are spooktacular option for anyone wanting to channel their inner demon

  • Black dress
  • Witches hat
  • Face paint
  • Cape
  • Boots

Being a witch definitely isn’t a safe option, you can put a spooky spin on this outfit by adding

The Purge

Everyone knows your Halloween outfit as soon as they see the iconic purge mask! This would also be a fun outfit for a group of friends.

If you can get these easy to find outfit essentials, you will master The Purge look.

  • Old tshirt with holes
  • Fake blood
  • Prop hammer or knife
  • Purge mask


The general theme for this one is all black, so it’s not too difficult to source some black fitted clothing lurking at the back of your wardrobe to become Selina Kyle!

Essentials are:

  • Black leather gloves
  • Black masquerade mask
  • Cat ears
  • Black leggings, or a skirt with tights
  • Black long sleeved tshirt

Just put these items together to look more feline. After all, October is when black cats are in their prime!

Couple Outfits

Chill Ghosts

Spooky with an chill edge. All you will need for this simple but effective look is

  • A white bedsheet
  • Sunglasses
  • Scissors

Get your white bedsheet, cut some eye holes in and boom, you’re sorted!

Joker and Harlequin 

This iconic DC duo is pretty easy to put together last minute!


  • Green hair spray
  • White and black face paint
  • Red lipstick
  • Purple blazer (black is also ok)
  • White shirt
  • Green tie
  • Black trousers


  • Blow up hammer
  • Black skirt
  • Red top
  • A red wig
  • White and black face paint

Halloween outfits don’t have to be too spenny! After all, you can collect Halloween costume bits over the years and reuse the same items for the scary season!

We are all ready for Halloween at DIGS Student Accommodation, with two parties, pumpkin picking and carving, a trip to Yorkshire Scaregrounds and more.

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