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It’s Clearing and We’ve Saved You a Room


university accommodation

So after a long year you’ve finally received your A-level results!

You’ve finally reached the end of the long road, and if things haven’t gone to plan, then there’s no need to worry – Clearing is here to help you with the unexpected. When it comes to your student accommodation, our clearing offer means that a room is waiting for you – with 10% off too! That means that for a limited time, you could save as much as £575 on your rent.

Follow our links to check availability – and book today to claim your discount:

If you’d like to know more about clearing, check out our helpful guide below:


What is Clearing?

Clearing is when universities try to fill the courses that they haven’t got enough people for yet. You’re eligible to go through the clearing process if you applied for university after 30th June, didn’t receive any offers, or if you didn’t meet the conditions of those offers. You can also go through clearing if you have received offers, but do not want to accept them. Check out The Student Room’s blog post if you want to learn more.

Try not to worry, over 70,000 people went through clearing last year, so you’re certainly not alone. If you are struggling with the idea of clearing, here’s a few tips for how you can look after your wellbeing:

Draw the line

It could be very tempting to fixate on what you could have done differently if you’re A-level results weren’t what you were expecting. We can sometimes be too hard on ourselves but remember that you did your best and that’s enough. If you spend the next however long thinking about what you could have done better, then you’ll never move forward.

Explore your options

The best thing about clearing is that you’re going through the whole process again, but with a brand-new perspective. You are probably more familiar with the universities and courses this time around, so you have more information to make a calculated decision.


Clearing can be stressful, so make sure you look after yourself both mentally and physically. Take regular breaks from the Internet, step out into nature, and remind yourself that life is bigger than one set of results.


We’ve saved you a room

Now that you’ve got your place at university sorted, it’s time to sort out your accommodation. You’ll be glad to know that if you’re studying at Sheffield Hallam University or the University of Huddersfield, then we’ve got a room for you.

We are here to make finding a room a little easier, with our 10% off offer.


A bit about us


We’re proud to be the University of Huddersfield’s only preferred, approved, and recommended provider of student accommodation.

Storthes Hall Park offers a large student community with a high number of first year students. We Our student accommodation in Huddersfield has loads to get involved with, from daily events to our on-site bar, to our mini golf course.

Ashenhurst Houses is house style living without the fuss of splitting the bills. It’s student houses close to the University of Huddersfield and comes with a free bus pass to explore everything that the town has to offer. You have the perfect mix of a countryside feel with easy access to Huddersfield town centre.


The Pinnacles is one of the longest-running Sheffield Hallam student accommodations with prices you can’t beat. Rooms are spacious with small double beds and lots of storage.

This year we’re making your university experience even better with a brand-new festival courtyard space that’s perfect for socialising. We’re also bringing you a brand-new events calendar to get involved with, with everything from trips to Alton Towers to workshops with Yo Sushi. Plus we’re introducing a new exciting facility called ‘The Void’ – keep your eyes peeled for more details soon!

Whatever happens in your clearing journey, remember that things happen for a reason and you’ll soon be right where you belong.

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